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Vaping -disease cases grow to 530 in U.S. as hunt for trigger continues

Federal health officials said 530 people have fallen ill from the mysterious vaping-related lung ailment that has raised alarms across the U.S., up from 380 confirmed and probable cases that the government reported last week. Seven people have died from the illness, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said at a briefing Thursday. Officials […]

Medicinal cannabis could earn $6 billion annually for Colombia, government says

Colombia could export $6 billion a year in medicinal cannabis products, making marijuana its third-largest source of foreign exchange, the government said on Thursday, as investors called for simpler regulations for marijuana producers. Colombian law already regulates the possession, production, distribution, sale and export of seeds and other marijuana products like oils and creams, but […]

3 leading cannabis stocks to purchase now

Marijuana stocks have explosive potential. The global cannabis industry could generate annual sales as high as $200 billion within the next decade, according to investment bank Stifel. This would represent growth of more than 1,500% from the approximately $12 billion in sales the industry produced in 2018.  The following three cannabis companies are particularly well-positioned […]

Canada: Cannabis oil provides vastly outweigh earnings, stats reveal

Newly released data from Health Canada indicates Canadians just aren’t that into cannabis oils. The agency reports that inventories of cannabis oil greatly outweigh the number of sales. For the month of June, around 9,600 litres of cannabis oil was sold compared to a total inventory of just over 141,000 litres — that is 14.7 […]

Tech firm intends to reevaluate cannabis distribution chain

The legal cannabis industry is a work in progress. In many ways, the industry shapes itself as it grows and as more and more places continue to legalize weed. A key part of this evolutionary process is figuring out what aspects of the burgeoning industry work and what parts don’t, and then searching out solutions […]

What is next for rheumatoid arthritis and cannabis?

One-and-a-half million people in the United States suffer from rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In fact, The Arthritis Foundation estimates that three times as many women as men have the disease and it affects individuals of all ages, but primarily women ages 30 to 60. Commonly affecting the hands and feet of the body, RA is considered an autoimmune […]

Do you understand the difference between legalization & decriminalization?

It’s been almost a year since Canada’s historical move to end its prohibition of cannabis, making it the first G7 nation to federally legalise cannabis for medicinal and adult recreational use. Now there’s a new conversation brewing, hot on the heels of cannabis legalisation, the decriminalization of psychedelic mushrooms.  Yet, so often, I see the […]

South Africa’s cannabis Industry anticipated to be worth $1.7B Should legalized

In a country with 29 percent unemployment, South Africa could tap into a lucrative industry that creates desperately-needed jobs and boosts the economy if the government passes legislation. A legalized cannabis industry in South Africa could be worth more than $1.7 billion annually by 2023, according to the African Cannabis Report, the first detailed report on the legal cannabis industry in Africa. South […]

Sports and pot: Assessing the use of cannabis in athletic healing

The stigma associated with marijuana, which once cast cannabis consumers as lazy underachievers, is now a thing of the past. Cannabis has slowly gained mainstream acceptance, even in athletic arenas, and for good reason. Athletes in all sports, at all levels, are forever looking to improve their training recovery time. This is why they are […]

Tennessee' a brand new tool permits authorities to distinguish hemp out of high-THC cannabis

After facing a load of approximately 10,000 cannabis-related cases to process, the state of Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) has established a two-step system of testing the product for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — a cannabis compound that causes intoxication — that takes just minutes. Any cannabis containing more than 0.3 per cent of THC, which is […]

Artificial marijuana found in CBD products across several States

CBD edibles and vapes spiked with a variety of synthetic marijuana compounds have found their way to consumers in Louisiana, Maryland and nearly a dozen other states, according to a nationwide Associated Press investigation into unregulated cannabidiol products. Synthetic marijuana, often marketed as K2 or Spice, has been linked to mass hospitalizations and other health […]

Cannabis legalization: Will Mexico conquer the United States?

Cannabis regulation in Mexico is a key topic this week. The US, Canadian, and Mexican economies are more closely intertwined than other countries. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, about 14 million US jobs relate to trade with Mexico and Canada. Therefore, these countries might take cues on regulating an industry from each other. […]

Growers Swap 1000 from DE HPS – 1:1 with NextLight LED

Thanks to improved technology, more cannabis grower are choosing LED grow lights over traditional lighting to enjoy lower costs and higher efficiency. For instance, NextLight LED replaces any traditional 1000w DE HPS, one to one with their flagship 650w NextLight Mega. Less energy consumed without sacrificing yield or quality. This is a 35% energy savings […]