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Malta to export 1.4 billion of medical marijuana by 2023

Malta announced its plans to gain footing in the pot industry and is aiming to ship out about $1.4 billion worth of medical cannabis products by 2023. At the tail end of his visit to Canada and the U.S., Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat told Television Malta (TVM), “Exportation will begin in the first quarter […]

Why THCV may be the upcoming huge factor in weed

2019 has the potential to be remembered as the year when minor cannabinoids really hit the scene. While it’s true that the cannabis market is generally interested in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the intoxicating cannabinoid that most marijuana consumers have come to know and love; as well as cannabidiol (CBD); but cannabinoids such as cannabinol (CBN), tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), along […]

Australian investigators to embark cannabis research for treating dementia

Perth, Australia is the location of a big clinical study that aims to prove whether cannabis can treat Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Research on the potential of cannabis to treat a variety of conditions, including dementia, is lacking, prompting scientists at the University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Health Research in Perth, Australia, […]

Vape store owners cautioned Massachusetts over merchandise sale prohibit

Several vape shop owners are suing the state of Massachusetts for implementing a four-month ban on sales of all vaping products and asked the court to deem it “unconstitutional.” Massachusetts imposed a ban on sales of all e-cigarettes and supplies, both those used for tobacco and marijuana, which is legal in the state, citing a […]

Hemp licenses issued by Condition 2019

The 29 U.S. states having reporting licensed hemp cultivation acreage total nearly half a million acres in combined cultivation land area, a massive increase over 2018’s combined U.S. total of just over 100,000 acres. Colorado leads the nation in hemp cultivation and processing land area with over 80,000 acres reported. Oregon, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Montana […]

Jamaica partnership with Harvard Institute to assist Island cannabis compete globally

Jamaica is looking to gain a competitive edge in the worldwide cannabis market by partnering with the American Harvard International Phytomedicines and Medical Cannabis Institute (HIPI). Jamaican minister Audley Shaw has announced the island’s Ministry of Industry, Commerce Agriculture and Fisheries will team with HIPI to focus on developing various initiatives intended to provide Jamaica […]

Chemesis International Inc. to start hemp smokes

Chemesis will manufacture, distribute and retail Hemp Cigarettes across the United States & International Markets Chemesis International Inc. (CSE: CSI) (OTC: CADMF) (FRA: CWAA) (the “Company” or “Chemesis”), will manufacture, distribute and retail hemp cigarettes. The cigarettes will be distributed throughout the United States and European markets as the Company scales production. In addition to […]

How fatty foods may create CBD better

A new study says that ingesting foods containing high amounts of fat might boost the therapeutic effects of CBD. Most things in life can be improved with a slice of pizza and a greasy burger. Thanks to some science, we can now add CBD to this list. Researchers from the University of Minnesota discovered that […]

The essential manual for your first time cannabis tourist

Before booking your trip, review the rules governing cannabis in the state where you will be visiting. These laws will clue you in regarding the basics of how much cannabis you can buy. As more states legalize recreational cannabis, the number of those trying this plant for the first time or resume a habit they […]

New Tennessee Policy can enable more Condition residents to absorb marijuana

Tennessee legislators can’t get medical marijuana legislation passed to save their lives, but the state’s Bureau of Investigation has announced a new policy that may make it easier on cannabis consumers. The agency will stop testing quantities of marijuana that are under half an ounce. The shift will supposedly make it prohibitively difficult for prosecutors […]

High aspirations: Uruguay cannabis firm targets thriving international market for medical marijuana

In a white, sterilized laboratory on the outskirts of Uruguayan capital Montevideo, biochemist Javier Varela and his team are carefully cultivating plants for a booming multibillion-dollar global market in medical marijuana. The company Varela works for, Fotmer Life Sciences, has just made the first commercial shipment of medical cannabis from Latin America, 10 kg (22 […]

The existence of a cannabis plant

The following information was provided by Canopy Growth Corporation’s communications co-ordinator, D’Arcy McDonell during a tour of the Smiths Falls’ Tweed plant. What’s the best way to grow a cannabis plant? There are two ways to start a cannabis plant — either from a seed or from a clone taken from the mother plant. They […]

Medical cannabis exporter sees an opening before marketplace flooding

Medical cannabis producers have a five-year window to reap high prices for their products before supply floods the market, according to Jordan Lewis, whose firm became Uruguay’s first commercial exporter of marijuana this month. “The EU right now represents the single largest market in the next five years,” Lewis, chief executive officer of Silverpeak Life […]

American Society of Cannabis Medicine to evaluate cannabis regulation

The American Society of Cannabis Medicine (ASCM) has announced that members of its leadership have been asked to participate at the Second Annual Update on Medical Cannabis. The event is presented by the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences of the Medical University of South Carolina. ASCM is a Washington DC-based professional society dedicated to the responsible […]

5 reasons why there is a medical marijuana drought in Pennsylvania

Medical marijuana is the only medicine that helps Dalton Hunsberger with seizures, nausea and anxiety. But for two months, it’s been very difficult to find the medicine that treats the 21-year-old Perkasie man’s epilepsy and other symptoms. “When the dispensaries get it in, it’s gone within a couple of hours,” said Dalton’s mother, Charis Hunsberger. […]

Kentucky will start accepting applications for 2020 Hemp Programs from mid-November

Kentucky’s hemp program is just about open for business. The state said that it will begin accepting applications for growers and processors wishing to receive a license to participate in the program beginning in mid-November. According to the Associated Press, Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles said the application period for growers and processors will both […]