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California leading the way on regulating marijuana marketplace

California has the largest legal marijuana market in the world, with licensed cannabis sales in the state expected to reach $3.1 billion in 2019, which is up from the $2.5 billion sold in 2018. Keep in mind that 2018 was the first year of legal sales, so the legal marijuana market in California is still […]

Hemp-based construction substances are constructing sustainable houses

Hemp is one of nature’s most versatile crops. From textiles to food, building materials to paper and plastic, it’s the Swiss Army knife of plants. Now that hemp is legal both in Canada and the United States, consumers and businesses can finally explore the true potential of the long-overlooked weed. Further, the cannabis industry is […]

German cannabis market projected to reach 16 Baby 2028

Germany is home to the largest economy on the European continent, and the fourth largest economy on the planet. The medical cannabis industry in Germany has grown at a steady rate in recent years. With a population over twice the size of California’s population, there is no end to growth in sight for Germany’s emerging […]

How have pot stocks shifted in 2019? )

The ever-shifting pot stock market has created one of the most intriguing investor spaces that we have seen. With so much going on in only a short period of time, it seems as though the past few years have been extremely instrumental in surmounting growth for the marketplace. With so many different pot stocks to […]

Why cannabis legalization from different areas of the planet may be bad news for North American pot stocks

Cannabis legalization is generally good news for the industry and companies looking to expand into other parts of the world. However, that’s not necessarily always the case, as it also creates opportunities for those countries to start becoming exporters of cannabis themselves, and they could end up competing head-to-head with large North American producers. Canada-based Aurora […]

Are you allergic to marijuana?

MORE AND MORE STATES are legalizing cannabis saliva, or marijuana. As its use as a recreational drug becomes increasingly popular, we need to understand the associated health risks. Let’s look at the data on the likelihood of cannabis contributing to asthma and allergies. Though cannabis can be consumed in many ways, smoking it is still the […]

2 marijuana stocks to see ahead of the New Year?

With innovation leading the charge for a brighter marijuana stock market, it seems as though only a few select companies have been able to compete for the top spot. These pot stocks are working to completely reshape the industry so that it continues to grow into the coming years. With so many different marijuana stocks […]

The single most significant problem with marijuana stocks right now

A year ago, marijuana stocks could do no wrong. Valuations for nearly all pot stocks were soaring on the expectation that the global cannabis industry would grow by a strong double-digit percentage for years to come, as well as the fact that Canada was becoming the first industrialized country in the world to legalize recreational cannabis. But […]

National Safety Council: cannabis not appropriate in safety sensitive occupations

The National Safety Council calls on employers to restrict cannabis use for those in safety sensitive positions – regardless of whether cannabis consumption is allowed by their state. Recognising that safety concerns are paramount as decriminalisation of cannabis continues in states throughout the US, the National Safety Council have released a policy position, whereby it defines safety sensitive positions as those […]

Cannabis -infused coffee pods for Keurig machines currently available

A company is now offering coffee and tea infused with cannabis. Cannabiniers is offering Brewbudz, a flower-based edible in compostable, single-brew pods that are compatible with all K-Cup and K-Cup 2.0 style brewers, according to the company’s website. The company has a patent on the technology in the United States, according to a news release. The patented extraction […]

Miami Beach formally prohibits public smoking of marijuana and hemp

For the past three and a half months, marijuana has essentially been decriminalized in Miami. After Florida legalized hemp July 1, the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office announced it would no longer prosecute most minor marijuana charges because the substance is virtually indistinguishable from hemp. Nevertheless, the City of Miami Beach has passed a municipal ordinance to discourage […]

Canberra' s legalization of cannabis clashes with Federal Australian Laws

Australian Attorney General Christian Porter said on Sunday that Canberra’s new legislation legalizing possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal use do not provide legal protection and clash with federal laws. In September, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) became the first of the country’s six states and two main territories to legalize the possession […]

Israel’s medical cannabis reform proceeds to benefit almost nobody

Israel’s medical cannabis patients are making another step in their battle against the country’s new regulation, which came into full effect in early September. Intended to help standardize the industry by requiring more stringent quality control and adding pharmacies as middlemen between growers and patients, the reform has so far resulted in market shortages and […]

California' s Cannabis Compassion is re-legalized

Free cannabis came before legal cannabis. Gifting joints or edibles to sick people who, being sick, couldn’t afford to buy — and couldn’t find relief anyway else besides someone else’s compassion — was central to the ethos of the early marijuana legalization pioneers. And free weed for some was a boss three-dimensional chess move: busting […]

Michigan hemp farmers gather first harvest for CBD goods

Farmers harvesting the first batch of legal hemp Friday said they could be looking at Michigan’s next big cash crop. For the first time, nearly 600 farmers are harvesting legal hemp across the state. The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development issued the first industrial hemp licenses to farmers earlier this year, allowing local […]

Some Indiana farmers unsure hemp will get profitable

Some Indiana farmers have started harvesting their first legal crop of hemp without knowing for certain whether it will prove to be lucrative. President Donald Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill in December , legalizing hemp. Since then, Indiana farmers have taken out permits to grow thousands of acres of hemp for its fiber, seed […]

First year hemp growers fight to achieve profitability

For the first time in more than eight decades, farmers in most parts of the country have the freedom to make hemp part of their plow and pick repertoire. It has been said for years that the legalization of industrial hemp production in the United States would breathe new life into agriculture, giving the American […]

California governor criticized vetoing a bill to permit medical marijuana in hospitals

Following the signing of several cannabis-related bills earlier this month, California Governor Gavin Newsom is now facing criticism over proposed legislation that he vetoed. Among the bills that failed to receive Newsom’s signature was Ryan’s Law, which would have allowed terminally ill patients to access marijuana on hospital grounds. Due to weed’s illegality on the […]