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Balcanns sets out to make a new benchmark for medicinal cannabis

Macedonian-based grower is on a mission to produce high quality, low-cost solutions to meet unmet market needs. Demand for medicinal cannabis in Europe has reached new levels and is expected to grow by more than 400% through 2023. With a market of over 742 million people and a total healthcare spend of €2.3 trillion, the […]

Cannabis Physicians Australia – changing the paradigm of health from Australasia

Managing Director of Cannabis Doctors Australia (CDA), Dr Matua Jansen, explains how CDA is leading the charge towards providing simple and affordable access to medical cannabis. For Dr Matua Jansen, the journey towards becoming a medical cannabis advocate started after his move to Australia from New Zealand to work in Oncology. “ I witnessed first-hand […]

USDA rule will not nevertheless affect Hawai’i hemp generation

Fibers from a stalk of hemp. Public domain image. The newly developed US Domestic Hemp Production Program will effect now immediate changes on hemp being grown in Hawai‘i. US Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently established the program through an Interim Final Rule in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill. The Interim Final Rule will not […]

Arizona announces adoption of electronic medical marijuana cards

State regulators in Arizona will begin issuing identification cards in digital form next month, according to a report from cannabis industry website Beginning December 1, the new digital marijuana identification cards will replace the physical cards currently being issued through the mail by the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS). The new digital identification […]

You won’t think which creation spends the most on marijuana

If you had to guess which age group spends the most money at dispensaries, what would your answer be? The safest choice would probably be millennials, who account for over half of all legal marijuana sales and maintain sizable disposable incomes. But you’d be wrong. As it turns out, the older the generation, the more […]

California leading the way on regulating marijuana marketplace

California has the largest legal marijuana market in the world, with licensed cannabis sales in the state expected to reach $3.1 billion in 2019, which is up from the $2.5 billion sold in 2018. Keep in mind that 2018 was the first year of legal sales, so the legal marijuana market in California is still […]

Hemp-based construction substances are constructing sustainable houses

Hemp is one of nature’s most versatile crops. From textiles to food, building materials to paper and plastic, it’s the Swiss Army knife of plants. Now that hemp is legal both in Canada and the United States, consumers and businesses can finally explore the true potential of the long-overlooked weed. Further, the cannabis industry is […]

How has legalized marijuana influenced illegal pot grows?

California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced a spike in arrests for illegal marijuana grows Monday. During the statewide raids this year, officials arrested 148 people, seized 168 weapons and 950,000 plants from 345 raided grow sites. In total, 25 tons of processed marijuana were recovered. The AG’s office said those figures increased from 2018. The […]

Australian medical marijuana patients find it tough to get

It is estimated that close to a million patients are now seeking access to medicinal cannabis in Australia alone.  Government figures show around 20,000 patients now have approvals for access to legal medicinal cannabis products.  Many patients are, the MCUA reports,  still having to turn to the “black” market or are self supplying because access […]

German cannabis market projected to reach 16 Baby 2028

Germany is home to the largest economy on the European continent, and the fourth largest economy on the planet. The medical cannabis industry in Germany has grown at a steady rate in recent years. With a population over twice the size of California’s population, there is no end to growth in sight for Germany’s emerging […]

How have pot shares modified in 2019?

The ever-shifting pot stock market has created one of the most intriguing investor spaces that we have seen. With so much going on in only a short period of time, it seems as though the past few years have been extremely instrumental in surmounting growth for the marketplace. With so many different pot stocks to […]

How one cannabis cultivator removed the skunk odor

Carpinteria, Calif., once blossomed with chrysanthemums, lilies, and hydrangea, but the market for American-grown cut flowers started to wither under the spell of cheaper imports. Then, when marijuana was legalized in California, the area found a new cash crop. The same climate that flowers thrive in turns out to be ideal for cannabis cultivation. According […]

CBD topicals aren’t immune from FDA evaluation

Read original article here. We’ve written extensively on this blog about industrial hemp-derived CBD products, including CBD comestibles, CBD pet products, CBD in alcohol, and CBD topicals. Of all these categories of goods, the CBD industry seems to have reached a consensus that CBD topical products present the lowest level of risk for businesses, hence companies like CVS, Walgreens, and Sephora opting to […]

Can these pot stock transcend expectations?

With some pot stocks proving to be better to watch than others, it can be difficult at times to find the right ones. Additionally, throughout the pot stock market, there are several different facets of the industry that all are worth checking out. These range from the companies that produce the raw substance, to those […]

For golfers, CBD is hitting the sweet spot

While golfers are often viewed as conservative creatures, their appetite for CBD suggests they’re anything but. Golf is a sport of fractions and fine margins and many things which boost performance are often voraciously adopted – so, when it comes to a month’s supply of CBD from Holland & Barrett at £30  it’s a lot […]

Hemp chip setup shop in Virginia

The first commercial industrial hemp fiber processing facility in the U.S. state of Virginia should be up and running soon. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced Vitality Farms, LLC, operating as Appalachian Biomass Processing, will establish a facility in Wythe County and has plans of purchasing 6,000 tons of hemp grown in the state over the […]