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Tilray supports initial human study assessing cannabis to handle side-effects brought on by breast cancer therapy

A new study is testing for the first time the ability of cannabis to eliminate a major side-effect of breast cancer treatment. The Nanaimo-based Tilray, Inc., said it has successfully imported medical cannabis into the U.S. for use in a clinical trial aimed at providing relief to people suffering from taxane-induced peripheral neuropathy. TIPN, a […]

Marijuana’s effects on sore throat and aching muscles

The cannabinoids in marijuana not only assist in blocking nerve pain, but they limit the side effects of typical prescription drugs.  Whether it’s after a long workout or a moving injury, soreness and stiffness can complicate anyone’s life, but they don’t have to. With the rise of opioid addiction, is it possible that marijuana and […]

Weed dependence – Can it be a real thing?

Addiction isn’t something that’s easily defined and understood. That’s why, from the get to, we have to put to rest the notion that drug addiction only happens when physical dependency comes into existence. Things are far more complicated than that, especially when we’re dealing with “soft drugs” like cannabis. It’s of crucial importance to understand […]

Can marijuana cause a individual to become competitive?

If some of the research on the subject of marijuana and violence holds any weight, a society of stoners could create an uprising of evil that only stands to destroy the planet.  Marijuana use is usually synonymous with peace, love, and a bunch of tree-hugging. It is known as a chill herb where the most […]

Eight months following the ban, meals and beverage with CBD is currently being marketed in NYC

Food and drink are still being sold with CBD in New York City, months after health officials banned restaurants and cafes from selling edibles spiked with or accompanied by the trendy cannabis derivative because of safety concerns. The city’s health department surprised bakeries, restaurants, coffee shops, and other food sellers in February by telling them […]

Does Cannabis Work for Treating ADHD?

Finding products that are going to work well for people not only during an entire day, but across their lifespan is very important. Internet chat rooms are exploding with people talking about cannabis to treat their ADHD, but does it really work? I’m Doctor Mary Clifton. I’m an internal medicine doctor practicing in Manhattan, New […]

The 5 Cheapest Marijuana Stocks on the Planet

Between the start of 2016 and the end of the first quarter in 2019, cannabis stocks were practically unstoppable. Early investors who had the wherewithal to buy and hold pot stocks often found themselves up by triple- or even quadruple-digit percentages in a relatively short amount of time. However, the past six and a half months […]

Cannabis short sellers earned more than $450 million in 2 weeks

Cannabis short sellers made over $450 million on the first two days of the week, cutting nearly a third off their year-to-date losses, according to data from financial analytics firm S3 Partners. Pot stocks fell for six consecutive trading days beginning Oct. 16, the day before Canada legalized recreational marijuana. The BI Canada Cannabis Competitive […]

Cannabis oil can reduce symptoms for those who have Crohn’s Disease

It’s a painful, sometimes debilitating condition affecting millions of people in the United States. But can cannabis oil provide relief for people with Crohn’s disease? A recent Israeli study suggests it can. “Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which is characterized by inflammation and can affect any part of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, but […]

5 Cannabis stocks to observe this morning

The cannabis sector came off its highs as the overall market was under considerable pressure and this is trend worth watching. This morning, market futures are pointing higher as the market is looking to come off its recent lows. Cannabis stocks traded higher early yesterday but plunged lower as the overall market was under pressure […]

No tags: Cannabis branding is a no-go in Canada

While cannabis is now legal in Canada, strict marketing rules make it a very different market than in most U.S. states. Last week, Canada legalized cannabis. Citizens celebrated by toking up in public parks and waiting in long lines to buy cannabis for medical reasons, or just for fun. But for anyone who’s previously visited […]

Cannabis equity in California aims to level the playing area

On September 27, Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Cannabis Equity Act. In many ways, the act recognizes the failed efforts of the war on drugs and the devastation cannabis criminalization had on minority and underserved communities. California lawmakers allocated $10 million in initial funding for the act, and it will go into effect next […]

California marijuana delivery companies face digital disturbance

California is now the largest state to legalize recreational marijuana. The Los Angeles area alone is expected to become the largest legal cannabis market in the world, bigger than Northern California, Oregon, Colorado and Washington state combined. That’s opened the door to businesses that provide door-to-door delivery. But a tech platform that makes it easy […]

Among the most significant cannabis businesses is moving public on the New York Stock Exchange

Aurora Cannabis, one of the largest Canadian marijuana producers, is going public on the New York Stock Exchange. When Aurora’s shares start trading on Tuesday morning, it will join a select list of cannabis producers that are listing on US-based exchanges. While US-based exchanges were initially reticent to list Canadian marijuana producers, companies like Tilray […]

The way to pick the best glass bong

There are so many bongs out there that buying one can be a daunting task. Between the different styles, designs, and glass thickness, it can be confusing to start somewhere. Types of bong There are three main types of bongs. Straight tube, breaker bongs, and recycler. Straight tubes are known for their dense smoke that […]

17 cannabis cryptocurrencies you should buy

Want to invest in a cannabis cryptocurrency backed by seeds? Rent a cannabis co-working space? Or do you just want to buy herb without carrying cash around? These cannabis cryptocurrencies will help you do all this and more. Keep in mind that cannabis cryptocurrencies solve the biggest problem facing the cannabis industry: the inability to access banking […]