Cannabis legalization: Will Mexico conquer the United States?

Cannabis regulation in Mexico is a key topic this week. The US, Canadian, and Mexican economies are more closely intertwined than other countries. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, about 14 million US jobs relate to trade with Mexico and Canada. Therefore, these countries might take cues on regulating an industry from each other. […]

Growers Swap 1000 from DE HPS – 1:1 with NextLight LED

Thanks to improved technology, more cannabis grower are choosing LED grow lights over traditional lighting to enjoy lower costs and higher efficiency. For instance, NextLight LED replaces any traditional 1000w DE HPS, one to one with their flagship 650w NextLight Mega. Less energy consumed without sacrificing yield or quality. This is a 35% energy savings […]

U.S. hemp growers may get crop insurance policy starting in 2020

American industrial hemp growers will be eligible for crop insurance under the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) starting in 2020. Those firms and farmers who grow hemp for fiber, flower or seeds will be eligible beginning with next year’s crops, under the recently announced program. The insurance coverage is through USDA’s Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) […]

California pledges $20 million to public awareness effort against vaping

California will spend $20 million on a public awareness campaign about the dangers of vaping nicotine and cannabis products and step up efforts to halt the sale of illicit products amid a rise in vaping-related illnesses. Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the actions Monday as part of an executive order. Many of the hundreds of nationwide […]

Another warning taken by FTC on cannabidiol asserts

Last week the U.S. Federal Trade Commission sent more warning letters to companies over claims it alleges have been made relating to cannabidiol (CBD). This warning shot across the bows follows a round of letters sent in March this year by the FTC and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). While not naming the targets […]

Legal edibles, additional derivatives must add 3 million customers to Canadian cannabis marketplace

The second great Canadian cannabis rush is nearing the starting line, with pot entrepreneurs looking to stand out amid an onslaught of soon-to-be-legal edibles on the market. Legal cannabis edibles and other derivatives are expected to grow Canada’s cannabis market by three million consumers, or 65 per cent, according to a poll commissioned earlier this […]

Digital advertising 101 for its cannabis business

There is a common misconception that cannabis brands and dispensaries are unable to market their businesses using modern day digital advertising tools. While it is true that the major players in online advertising (e.g. Google and Facebook) have severe restrictions or outright bans on advertising cannabis and/or hemp products via their advertising platforms, there are […]

How radio frequency technologies is preserving top excellent cannabis

Pioneered by food safety companies, the cannabis industry is starting to use radio frequency disinfection processes to remove pathogens while maintaining quality. How dirty is your pot? Odds are, it’s probably teeming with mold and mildew. In sizable markets such as Colorado and Nevada, as well as Canada, growers are required to report Total Yeast […]

Utah Lawmakers to revise Medical Cannabis Access Legislation

State lawmakers are scheduled to convene a special session on Monday, September 16, to amend the state’s nascent medical cannabis access law. Specifically, lawmakers are seeking to revise the law so that public health departments are no longer responsible for the overseeing of the distribution of medical cannabis products. Instead, legislators are proposing that regulators license […]

Reshaping how we speak about CBD: Proof or exaggeration?

Even with the 2018 Agricultural Improvement Act (AKA The Farm Bill) being signed by President Trump ultimately removing the hemp plant from the Schedule 1 controlled substances classification, many still remain skeptical or confused about the hemp-based CBD compound.  Those are some monumental conditions, symptoms and ailments that regular people suffer from each and every […]

European novel food law – What is it all about?

Makers and sellers of CBD products should be conforming to the European Union’s Novel Food regime introduced in January this year. But, as things stand, just one firm Cannabis Pharma, a Czech Republic company, has made an application to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), with a handful of others said to be in the […]

Is the tape cartridge secure? This is the way to make certain

After dozens of people across the Midwest and California were sickened as a result of vaping cannabis or e-cigarettes, consumers, vape makers, and retailers alike have to be aware of how products are made and where they were made. Vape pens have surged to new heights on the marijuana mountain by offering a portable and […]

Colorado study: Elders and marijuana

Many patients in a survey of people 65 and older in Colorado found marijuana effective for pain, a geriatric medicine specialist said. “This was just a survey, so drawing conclusions about the benefits of marijuana use are limited,” said Gretchen Orosz, a doctor in geriatric medicine at the University of Colorado’s UCHealth Primary Care Clinic. The […]

World's medical cannabis ratings platform available

Industry-first ratings platform captures medical cannabis relief for health issues. Medical cannabis is providing relief to millions of people across a wide range of health issues including anxiety, insomnia, stress, chronic pain and PTSD, however there is little statistical data on the actual health relief experienced by medical cannabis consumers. Tender Advice is a custom […]

Products revolutionizing how we have cannabis

The face of cannabis consumption has evolved far beyond pipes, papers, and the pot brownie. While the classics are still enjoyed by many, there are several products revolutionizing the way we consume weed for the better. Vaporizers are becoming more portable, infusing dishes has never been easier, and there are a few innovations we have […]

True Leaf expands international retail presence

Now in 2,800 stores worldwide, True Leaf is also reaching more customers online with the launch of direct-to-consumer stores in France, Germany, and the UK. True Leaf Medicine International Ltd. (“True Leaf” or the “Company”) (CSE: MJ) (OTCQB: TRLFF) (FSE: TLA), a plant-forward wellness brand for pets and their owners, today announced it has surpassed […]