Cannabis strength doubles around Europe in 11 decades

Cannabis potency has doubled across Europe in the past decade, according to the first study to track changes in the drug across the continent. The study, published on Sunday in the journal Addiction and conducted by researchers from the University of Bath and King’s College London, finds that both cannabis resin and herbal cannabis have increased in strength […]

Canada: Individuals who resisted legal pot # & now 039; caught flat footed' on provide based on Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is blaming pockets of resistance to the legalization of marijuana for a cannabis supply shortage that has slowed the dissemination of legal weed in parts of Canada. The shortages have been most pronounced in Ontario, forcing that province to limit the number of licenced pot dispensaries that will be opened in […]

Mayor of New York backs marijuana legalization

The mayor of New York has officially voiced his support for legalizing marijuana last week following New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plans to legalize cannabis across the state. Mayor Bill de Blasio said that if the state of New York legalizes cannabis that past low-level marijuana convictions should be expunged and that sales from marijuana should […]

A working record of recreational marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts — and people soon to open

Slowly but surely, more marijuana dispensaries are sprouting up to begin recreational sales in Massachusetts. Following the first legal adult-use sales in November, the Cannabis Control Commission has continued to approve new pot shops across the state on a rolling basis, so customers won’t always be forced to drive long distances or endure multi-hour waits […]

Alaska shops promote CBD goods as guidelines exercised

Products containing CBD have been offered in stores and coffee shops in Alaska, but state regulators say CBD oil has not been approved to be used in food, drinks or edibles. The Anchorage Daily News reports regulations governing CBD items are still being written, and the state has been warning residents to be cautious about […]

How the sweetness business fell for hashish

Cannabis has enjoyed an image overhaul of which most politicians could only dream. Almost ten years ago, the drug was upgraded to Class B – yet today, bottles of cannabis-derived cannabidiol (CBD oil) can be bought in Holland & Barret for £19.99, with a few drops under the tongue being touted as a balm for insomnia, […]

Edible cannabis honey triggers a buzz

Innovative Israeli cannabis technology company PhytoPharma International is causing a buzz! The artisanal honey producing company’s bees are feasting on a spectrum that contains cannabinoids. Since bees are insects that do not have a mammalian endocannabinoid system, they are not getting high. However, they pass these nutrients directly through their natural honey making process and […]

MediPharm Labs signals The Supreme Cannabis Business for Cannabis Focus Program

MediPharm Labs Corp. (TSXV: LABS) is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary MediPharm Labs Inc. (“MediPharm”) has entered into a Cannabis Concentrate Program Agreement (the “Agreement”) with The Supreme Cannabis Company, Inc. (“Supreme Cannabis”) (TSXV: FIRE) (OTCQX: SPRWF) (FRA: 53S1). Pursuant to the Agreement signed on November 13, 2018, the parties have entered into […]

8 mainstream companies gambling on CBD

CBD’s takeover and introduction into the mainstream has been unprecedented, making many well-known business eager to get involved. CBD has been called the “next gold rush” so many times, it’s starting to lose it’s impact. Still, the numbers don’t lie, and everything suggests that CBD wellness products are here to stay. Although reading about CBD’s […]

Canada: Cannabis retail sales shirt $100 M for the first time in July

Cannabis retail sales topped $100 million for the first time post-recreational legalization in July, according to data from Statistics Canada. The federal agency said on Friday that “gains at cannabis stores were widespread, and across all provinces, with double-digit growth in eight provinces.” That pushed non-seasonally adjusted sales to $104 million, a 14.3 per cent increase […]

Despite market lumps, startup lumps, hemp for a 2020 money crop in Florida

The Florida Department of Agriculture expects to receive 8,000 applications by December and issue 3,000 cultivation permits early next year when the state rolls out its new industrial hemp program. Some officials estimate the crop could eventually spawn a $30 billion annual industry in the Sunshine State but, as the Senate Agriculture Committee learned Tuesday, […]

For cannabis applications, 1 size doesn’t fit all

As the legalization movement continues, cannabis dispensaries have become more and more like any other mainstream retail operation, such as a shoe or clothing store, Customers expect a superior and tailored experience and the highest quality products for the best prices. But there’s one big difference between the two. Unlike other retail stores, cannabis shops must be in compliance […]

2 marijuana stocks making headway in September

The marijuana stock market has been waiting for a solid push for some time now. With so many companies entering the industry, it seems as though the competition is at an all-time high. The competition that we have seen however has been very positive as many companies are working to innovate in such a new […]

Federal Judge stated Indiana’s Ban smokable hemp is unconstitutional

A federal judge in Indiana ruled last week that the state’s law banning smokable forms of hemp is unconstitutional and has issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting enforcement of the statute. In a ruling issued on September 13, Judge Sarah Evans Barker of the Southern District of Indiana said that Indiana’s law prohibiting the manufacturing, financing, delivery, […]

Canada: Cannabis oil provides vastly outweigh earnings, stats reveal

Newly released data from Health Canada indicates Canadians just aren’t that into cannabis oils. The agency reports that inventories of cannabis oil greatly outweigh the number of sales. For the month of June, around 9,600 litres of cannabis oil was sold compared to a total inventory of just over 141,000 litres — that is 14.7 […]

Tech firm intends to reevaluate cannabis distribution chain

The legal cannabis industry is a work in progress. In many ways, the industry shapes itself as it grows and as more and more places continue to legalize weed. A key part of this evolutionary process is figuring out what aspects of the burgeoning industry work and what parts don’t, and then searching out solutions […]

Tennessee' a brand new tool permits authorities to distinguish hemp out of high-THC cannabis

After facing a load of approximately 10,000 cannabis-related cases to process, the state of Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) has established a two-step system of testing the product for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — a cannabis compound that causes intoxication — that takes just minutes. Any cannabis containing more than 0.3 per cent of THC, which is […]