Can industrial plants make cars more green?

Unlike petrochemical-based lubricants, hemp is a renewable resource that actually reduces carbon dioxide in the air. A significant number of consumers are looking for products that are more eco-friendly from companies with more sustainable operations. Even investors are putting large corporations’ feet to the fire, expecting firms to not only be profitable, but also reduce […]

Cannabis gadgets in the core of technology

When it comes to consuming cannabis, there is seemingly no limit to the ways we can get that endocannabinoid rush. There are hundreds of contraptions to improve and enhance the cannabis experience and more are always in development. To get a sense of the rapidly evolving marijuana consumer product space, it’s important to note that […]

CBD beverages — Hemp gone mainstream

There’s a new wellness glow surrounding CBD products – yes, we’re talking about drinks. Experts are predicting its shiny future, companies are investing big time, and consumers have many questions. What is a CBD drink? As the name suggests, CBD drinks are beverages that have the popular cannabis compound cannabidiol (CBD) in them, and that […]

Cannabis seizures hit new high in Hong Kong

The amount of marijuana seized by Hong Kong customs has surged threefold this year amid the growing use of parcel delivery by drug dealers hoping to evade arrest. As most of the drugs were smuggled from the United States and Canada, the Customs and Excise Department stepped up cooperation and intelligence exchange with its counterparts […]

Sorry, but your CBD hemp products likely comprise some THC

Scientists tested 250 top-selling CBD products and detected THC in 45% of them, raising questions about FDA regulation. CBD is anywhere and everywhere these days, asserting itself as the biggest wellness trend in the country. According to a Gallup poll released last month, 14% of Americans say they use CBD products. That equates to more […]

The Great Vaporizer Anxiety is a grifter’s heaven

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste… it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not before.” – Rahm Emmanuel Nobody knows exactly what’s caused 530 Americans to fall ill with vaping-associated pulmonary illness, nine of whom are dead, after using vaporizer products — some with THC oil, some […]

Malta to export 1.4 billion of medical marijuana by 2023

Malta announced its plans to gain footing in the pot industry and is aiming to ship out about $1.4 billion worth of medical cannabis products by 2023. At the tail end of his visit to Canada and the U.S., Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat told Television Malta (TVM), “Exportation will begin in the first quarter […]

Vape store owners cautioned Massachusetts over merchandise sale prohibit

Several vape shop owners are suing the state of Massachusetts for implementing a four-month ban on sales of all vaping products and asked the court to deem it “unconstitutional.” Massachusetts imposed a ban on sales of all e-cigarettes and supplies, both those used for tobacco and marijuana, which is legal in the state, citing a […]

Chemesis International Inc. to start hemp smokes

Chemesis will manufacture, distribute and retail Hemp Cigarettes across the United States & International Markets Chemesis International Inc. (CSE: CSI) (OTC: CADMF) (FRA: CWAA) (the “Company” or “Chemesis”), will manufacture, distribute and retail hemp cigarettes. The cigarettes will be distributed throughout the United States and European markets as the Company scales production. In addition to […]

The existence of a cannabis plant

The following information was provided by Canopy Growth Corporation’s communications co-ordinator, D’Arcy McDonell during a tour of the Smiths Falls’ Tweed plant. What’s the best way to grow a cannabis plant? There are two ways to start a cannabis plant — either from a seed or from a clone taken from the mother plant. They […]

McConnell pushing for cannabis field testing capacities

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is pushing the DEA to develop testing that can quickly distinguish between marijuana and hemp. One of the challenges for U.S. law enforcement regarding hemp, which is now legal in the majority of states, is that it can look the same as marijuana when processed. Additionally, while hemp looks […]

Phytomedicine and Medical Cannabis Institute to be found in Jamaica

A Phytomedicine and Medical Cannabis Institute is to be established in Jamaica. This forms part of the research partnership with Harvard International Phytomedicine and Medical Cannabis Institute. Phytomedicine is a plant-based traditional medicinal practice that utilises various plant materials in preventive and therapeutic processes. The research partnership aims to explore Jamaica’s vast botanical resources and […]

Vapes tainted with Hydrogen Cyanide — Death toll around 16

For the last few weeks, young and very sick people have been turning up at hospitals all over the country with troubling lung symptoms. We recently reported that some state health officials have proposed that solvent known as Vitamin E acetate could be the cause of all this. Others have suggested certain brands and different […]

Short vendors circle cannabis stocks as gains

Wall Street’s love of cannabis appears to be going up in smoke as vaping-related ailments and missed revenue projections are prompting short sellers to raise their bets against the industry, fund managers and analysts said on Wednesday. Short interest in cannabis stocks, which reflects bets that prices will fall, has risen 55% for the year […]

These 4 professional athletes utilize CBD to handle pain

Many gym warriors and amateur athletes have turned to CBD for recovery, but what do the professionals have to say? There are plenty of claims made about CBD these days. Sometimes it can be difficult to parse between fact and fiction, as peer-reviewed research is limited on the subject. Studies have shown that CBD can […]

The difference between CBD oils for dogs and humans

Just like in humans, CBD is non-psychoactive for dogs, but can be effective in treating arthritic inflammation — especially if the product is made from high CBD cannabis versus hemp People love their dogs, to the point that many consider them part human. But have we gotten to the point where we can share both […]