Medical cannabis course coming next year to Thailand

A new course about medical cannabis will be offered starting next year by the Office of the Non-Formal and Informal Education. A team of experts on medical cannabis is working to create content for the course, said Assoc Prof Phatchari Sisang, an expert in research and development at  Srinakharinwirot University. “Marijuana and Hemp Studies for […]

Recent medicinal cannabis improvements in Australia

There have recently been a series of developments advancing the Australian medicinal cannabis industry. Key developments include recommendations put forward by Professor John McMillan AO aimed at reducing the regulatory burden on the medicinal cannabis industry, the Australian Capital Territory legalising possession of up to 50 grams of cannabis for an individual over 18 years […]

The buzz on authorized marijuana in New York: 5 burning questions

If you’ve been holding your breath waiting for New York state to legalize recreational marijuana use, you’re not alone. If you’re searching for clarity on the state’s approach to CBD products, decriminalization of pot use, clearing the records for past drug infractions or guidelines in starting up a cannabis-related business, you’re not alone in that, […]

Mexican lawmakers allowed 6-month expansion for passing marijuana legalization Bill

Mexico’s highest court pushed back the deadline for the country’s Congress to pass a bill legalizing marijuana after lawmakers requested an extension to continue working on the complex legislation.  The new deadline is April 30, meaning lawmakers were granted another six months to produce legislation amid “unprecedented” pressure from various lobby groups.  Senate Majority Leader […]

Cannabis research continue to grow at US schools

With the growing popularity of medicinal marijuana and legal hemp-based products such as CBD oils and creams, colleges and universities are seeing the wisdom of preparing students for this burgeoning industry. Medical marijuana is now legal in 33 states and the District of Columbia, and recreational usage is permitted in 11 states. Because of these […]

The way smokable hemp is substituting tobacco smokes

Tobacco smoking has for a long time been known to cause a whole host of diseases, including many types of cancer.  Thanks to conclusive scientific studies and subsequent public health warnings, the number of tobacco smokers continues to drop every year. However, quitting isn’t easy thanks to nicotine’s strong addictive qualities. This means many ex-smokers […]

Can I use marijuana to deal with cold or flu?

We are rapidly approaching that dreadful time once again: cold and flu season. All one has to do is spend a few hours in an airport — a petri dish inside the global travel system — and it becomes painfully evident by all the coughing and wheezing whipping about the terminal that it won’t be […]

3 leading cannabis stocks to purchase Nowadays

An oversupply of product has led to difficulties in the marijuana industry, where many companies have seen significant declines in stock prices recently. A Centers for Disease Control report of 800 vaping-related deaths and injuries has also likely scared investors away.  Despite the volatility and negative news of the past few months, the pot industry is still a […]

Don't attribute lawful cannabis for your vaping health emergency, concentrate on black economy THC

As health officials learn more about the cause of a nationwide outbreak of vaping-related illnesses and deaths, illicit-market cannabis products have emerged as a primary suspect. Unfortunately, many news reports continue to conflate these illegal products with the highly regulated and compliant products produced by state-licensed operators — sowing confusion that could ultimately strengthen the illicit […]

Aurora Cannabis rolls out cannabis strips

These days, when it comes to cannabis, you can smoke it, eat it, and drink it. But now there’s a new way to consume cannabis: strips that dissolve in the mouth. This is thanks to top Canadian marijuana stock Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB), which announced Tuesday that it has launched cannabinoid-infused “sublingual wafers” — i.e., thin strips […]

Legalisation of medical and other cannabis has little impact on crime

A new study funded by a grant from the National Institute of Justice sought to determine the effect of the change in legal status of cannabis on crimes rates. Eleven states and the District of Columbia have legalised cannabis. The study, which looked at legalisation and sales of recreational or broad medical purposes cannabis in […]

Legalizing cannabis is your reply to vaping concerns

Over the past few months the media has been awash with reports of people getting sick from vaping. Nearly every day, news outlets report on otherwise healthy, usually young, people who have fallen critically ill from the use of vapes that they believed to be a safer alternative to smoking. In response, politicians have been […]

FBI Data reveals marijuana arrests increased for third consecutive year

Despite marijuana legalization in 11 states and widespread decriminalization, police still focus on arresting Americans for cannabis possession. A new crime report produced by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program found there were 663,367 marijuana arrests in the United States last year. That amounts to one cannabis arrest every 48 seconds. More alarming, however, is […]

Two cannabis stocks which may land a game-changing spouse in 2020

Last year, nearly every cannabis company was racing to find a big-time partner. Cronos Group, for example, secured a $1.8 billion deal with tobacco giant Altria Group. Cronos stock ran more than 100% on the news, rising to a peak market cap of $20 billion. Canopy Growth, meanwhile, locked down a $4 billion capital infusion […]

Growing use as older cannabis stereotypes are debunked

Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, but despite the therapeutic benefits of the plant, international regulators ultimately deemed it unsafe for the public due to its marijuana derivative for many years. There are many unhelpful cannabis stereotypes pushed by politicians and media that prevent people from accessing this medicine. The marijuana plant, […]