Linx Hermes 3, the very best Refillable Oil Vaporizer on the Marketplace

The recent news over vaping illness is very troubling for cannabis manufactures and vaporizer companies alike. Now more than ever, it’s important to use high quality products when consuming concentrates. To further complicate things, vaporizers purchased on the black market use cheap, untested disposable cartridges along with low quality, untested, pesticide laden oils. That’s why […]

Edibles and other cannabis derivatives become lawful in Canada this week

For Canada’s recreational cannabis consumers, a long-awaited day is just on the horizon. On October 17, 2019 one full year after Canada’s world-historic legalization of cannabis went into effect, licensed companies will finally be able to produce and sell edibles and other cannabis derivatives, such as extracts and topicals. So far, consumers on the non-medical […]

Faculties offer you first cannabis certification for healthcare professionals

Two educations institutions are offering their first cannabis certificate for healthcare professionals. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, a leader in integrative healthcare education, is the first regionally-accredited institution offering a college-level Medical Cannabis Certificate for Healthcare Professionals. Starting this term, in addition to the core classes presented by their doctoral faculty, Pacific College is partnering with Oaksterdam […]

Cannabis and berry bring mix of effects to Oregon

How’s it going with legal recreational cannabis in Oregon after four years? Addressing a conference on Occupational Safety & Health in Ashland, a man from the governor’s office said it has been a complicated, controversial journey. Among the state’s findings, said Jeffrey Rhoades, senior marijuana policy advisor to Gov. Kate Brown, is that pot use […]

1 year of medical cannabis from the UK

The 1st of November 2019 will mark the one year anniversary of the legalisation of medical cannabis in the United Kingdom. A year after Charlotte Caldwell’s tireless campaign to obtain life-saving medication for her son Billy catapulted medical cannabis onto the public agenda, the cost of prescriptions has dropped substantially while the number of scripts […]

Cannabis and Tourette Syndrome: Present comprehension

In a survey of 64 TS patients, 25% indicated they had used cannabis, with over 80% of those individuals indicating that it helped reduce tics. Tourette syndrome (TS) is a neurological disorder that develops in an early age in patients and is defined by involuntary movements and vocalizations, known as tics. These tics can be […]

Cannabis E-commerce is getting to be a viable platform for its business

As more consumers begin using cannabis products, cannabis e-commerce is becoming a more viable option for the industry. Over the past several decades, the retail industry has drastically changed due to the development and propagation of e-commerce. Today, many consumers tend to prefer purchasing products online because they can simply browse stores anywhere at the […]

Medical cannabis to be encouraged in Bermuda

A group of doctors and pharmacists have joined forces to promote the use of medical cannabis. Now the Bermuda Medicinal Cannabis Association is to meet with the Government next month to offer its expertise as Bermuda prepares legislation to allow use of the drug for patient treatment. A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health confirmed […]

3 strategies to become a conscientious cannabis consumer

Because cannabis is in a grey area, it’s not treated like an everyday plant or product coming from harvest, but rather something more comparable to a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol. When you want to partake in the recreational cannabis market, either as a resident or tourist, the newness and novelty of everything could […]

Europe may lose groudn within the medical marijuana trade

Europe is at risk of losing the market share to Africa in the medicinal cannabis industry, and Eco Equity have spotted the global potential. There is a reluctance by some European policy and law makers to embrace the economic potential of medicinal cannabis and as a result they are seeing opportunities lost to more progressive […]

For Sale: Two Florida Medical Marijuana Licenses. Worth? $95 million

In a move uncharacteristic of the cannabis market in Florida, an Atlanta broker is searching for the next owners of two highly sought Florida medical marijuana licenses. Aubrey Logan-Holland, the CEO of a relatively new firm called Blue Dream Industries, is listing the licenses, or “paper” in industry speak, for about $95 million in total. […]

Marijuana impairment lingers longer than intoxication

Alcohol impairment is binary: You are either drunk or sober. But marijuana impairment might linger longer: You are still impaired even after intoxication. This is yet another hurdle for the trucking industry as it grapples with an evolving North America with more legal cannabis. Adding to the complications of legal pot is the inability of […]

Does Cannabis Work for Treating ADHD?

Finding products that are going to work well for people not only during an entire day, but across their lifespan is very important. Internet chat rooms are exploding with people talking about cannabis to treat their ADHD, but does it really work? I’m Doctor Mary Clifton. I’m an internal medicine doctor practicing in Manhattan, New […]

Texas abruptly stops issuing licenses for new medical marijuana dispensaries

Medical cannabis entrepreneurs are looking for answers after the Texas Department of Public Safety unexpectedly shut down its application process for new dispensary permits on Wednesday. The window was originally intended to last through November 1. No reason was given for the abrupt termination of the application window, which had been announced as a month-long […]

Denmark brings major Canadian cannabis investments

Nine months ago, the Danish pharma specialist NNE sowed a seed – a team providing strategic business consulting on growing, producing and distributing medical cannabis. Now NNE reaps the harvest; The team has 25 projects in the basket and is currently counsellors for Canadian Atlas’ major cannabis investment in Denmark. The NNE CEO describes the team as a ‘disruption […]

Mexico could also be simply weeks away from legalizing marijuana

Last year, we saw marijuana history made many times over. Canada became the first industrialized country in the world to legalize recreational marijuana nearly one year ago, while the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved its very first cannabis-derived drug. The latter is a pretty big deal, considering that marijuana remains a Schedule I (i.e., illicit) […]