Germany receives initial medical cannabis imports from Portugal and Australia

Germany received its first imports of medicinal cannabis from Portugal and Australia this week. Two German companies took delivery of the shipments that will be used for testing purposes and to supply the country’s growing demand for medical marijuana, which was legalized in 2017. In Cologne, Cannamedical Pharma received a commercial shipment of cannabis from […]

Have Canadians given up on Israeli hashish exports?

DLA Piper Canada partner Adv. Noam Goodman and iCan founder Saul Kaye speak to “Globes” about the cannabis opportunities Israel is missing. Last month cannabis became completely legal throughout Canada for both medical and leisure purposes. However, although the Canadian market represents a larger than ever opportunity for Israeli companies, the Canadians have already given […]

Colorado study: Elders and marijuana

Many patients in a survey of people 65 and older in Colorado found marijuana effective for pain, a geriatric medicine specialist said. “This was just a survey, so drawing conclusions about the benefits of marijuana use are limited,” said Gretchen Orosz, a doctor in geriatric medicine at the University of Colorado’s UCHealth Primary Care Clinic. The […]

World's medical cannabis ratings platform available

Industry-first ratings platform captures medical cannabis relief for health issues. Medical cannabis is providing relief to millions of people across a wide range of health issues including anxiety, insomnia, stress, chronic pain and PTSD, however there is little statistical data on the actual health relief experienced by medical cannabis consumers. Tender Advice is a custom […]

Products revolutionizing how we have cannabis

The face of cannabis consumption has evolved far beyond pipes, papers, and the pot brownie. While the classics are still enjoyed by many, there are several products revolutionizing the way we consume weed for the better. Vaporizers are becoming more portable, infusing dishes has never been easier, and there are a few innovations we have […]

Tilray CEO: Folks desire the 'Berlin Wall of cannabis prohibition' at the US to topple over

The midterm election results are a win for the marijuana industry, according to the CEO of a prominent cannabis company. Utah and Missouri approved the use of cannabis for medical purposes on Tuesday, according to projections. While Michigan gave the green light to the recreational use of marijuana, having allowed its use for medical purposes before. North […]

Iowa medical cannabidiol dispensaries place to start December 1st

Next month, Iowa’s five medical cannabidiol (CBD) dispensaries will open for business. The five dispensaries are located in Council Bluffs, Davenport, Sioux City, Windsor Heights, and Waterloo. When open, these dispensaries will offer gel capsules, tincture and cream forms of medical CBD to Iowans with a valid patient or caregiver registration card. In order to […]

Cannabis businesses are utilizing # & a 039;backdoor' approach to exploit into the public markets — and it's fueling an M&A flourish

The legal cannabis industry is booming, and US-based startups are looking towards their northern neighbor to capitalize on the frenzy around the emerging sector. Because cannabis companies with operations in the US aren’t able to list on US-based exchanges — marijuana is federally illegal, after all — these companies have pursued a little-known strategy for […]

Maine provides potential marijuana advisers an additional week

Consultants hoping to advise Maine on recreational marijuana sales have extra time to apply. The deadline is Thursday for those applying to guide state agencies as they craft adult-use marijuana regulations and review Maine’s medical marijuana program. Mainers in 2016 voted to allow adult-use possession and retail sales of marijuana. Adults over 21 can possess […]

Greek Coca-Cola billionaire is promoting cannabis products in Scotland

One of the world’s richest men is setting up a business in Scotland selling cannabis products with ‘miracle’ properties. Greek billionaire Alki David – a prominent figure on Hollywood’s social scene – runs a company that bottles and distributes Coca-Cola in 28 countries. Last year he set up a separate business selling oil extracted from […]

Cresco Labs appoints former Nike Global Creative Director

Cresco Labs, one of the largest vertically integrated multi-state cannabis operators in the United States, today announced the appointment of Scott Wilson to the new role of Chief Experience Officer.  As CXO, Wilson will extend Cresco Labs’ mission to professionalize and mainstream cannabis as a conventional consumer product with brands tailored to the largest consumer segments. Scott Wilson, […]

UK’s legalization of medical cannabis sparks talk of potential recreational legislation

The United Kingdom announced today a relaxation of its cannabis laws that will allow specialist doctors to prescribe cannabis-based products for certain patients. It’s a modest change to the U.K.’s cannabis laws. But it’s one that has already sparked a conversation on the broader legalization of cannabis for adult-use. Recent surveys put support for adult-use […]

Pure Global owns the ideal traits to be successful in the highly aggressive Canadian cannabis sector

The cannabis industry has been trending higher and has been coming of its lows following the opening of the recreational cannabis market in Canada. The reversal has been significant, and this is a trend worth watching. Canadian cannabis producers have been under considerable pressure during the recent sell-off and we are monitoring how these companies […]

Thailand blazes forward with drive to legalise medical marijuana usage

Thailand is rolling out plans to legalise medical marijuana, an official told AFP Wednesday, as the country hopes to cash in on a multi-billion dollar industry with a product its supporters hail as some of the world’s best. Several nations have embraced the use of medicinal cannabis, including Canada, Australia, Israel, and more than half […]

Medical cannabis remedies in UK to be restricted over physicians worries and lack of regulation despite new law

Only a minority of patients who stand to benefit from potentially life-changing medicinal cannabis prescriptions will be able to access it after laws change on 1 November, experts have warned. Despite the potential to help thousands with conditions like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and nausea from cancer treatment, The Independent has learned that most doctors are so far refusing to […]

Too many bureaucratic challenges for cannabis study

Progress in the cannabis research field would greatly benefit from a reduction in the bureaucratic process involved in obtaining cannabinoids. We’ve lost many years of potentially important research on the use of cannabis as medicine because of polarized views of the “weed” among researchers, policymakers and the general public. On one side, there are those […]

Plummeting cannabis stocks shake confidence in the market

As Canada’s legalization remains in its honeymoon phase, the cannabis marketplace is apparently coming into focus enough for investors to begin accurately gauging the potential of the up-and-coming industry. And the first week of Canada’s cannabis marketplace only brought on the worst week ever for pot stocks. Heavyweight Aurora Cannabis dropped 16 percent last week […]