What do girls need? Stronger CBD, based on new polls

A survey conducted by RYAH Medtech Inc. is shedding some light on the cannabis habits of women living in the U.S. It found that well-balanced strains along with those that are high in CBD were most important to the group of over 28,000 respondents to the survey. “The female patient demographic has not received enough […]

The U.S. cannabis industry demands access to this U.S. stock markets

In September, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the SAFE Banking Act by a 321-103 margin, with broad bipartisan support. If enacted into law, the bill would be the most monumental federal legislative and policy change for cannabis in U.S. history. However, the bill falls short because it does not explicitly protect U.S. capital-market activity […]

Legalize at Ukraine: Who makes money on legal hemp

Cannabis in Ukraine is illegal, but the country is in the process of legalization of cannabis for medical purposes. On January 30, the Ukrainian Association of Medical Cannabis created the petition with the backing of 16 public organizations on the Verkhovna Rada website. The petition said that medical cannabis could greatly help Ukrainians suffering from […]

Australian Capital Territory legalises private cannabis growing

On 25 September, 2019, the Legislative Assembly of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) approved a law permitting personal cultivation, possession and use of cannabis for recreational purposes. ACT has passed the law that permits personal cannabis growing as the act describes the objective as a ‘harm minimisation approach’, stating that ‘the outright prohibition model of […]

Cannabis beer: Give to research and create advanced yeasts

Province Brands of Canada, developers of the world’s first and only beers brewed from the cannabis plant, will join with Western University (WU) to study and develop innovative yeasts. The yeast being developed in this collaboration is expected to be a revolutionary and time-saving technology which can be used in crafting beers made from hemp and […]

Speed of vapers at Utah six times greater than US average

Jeffrey Manzanares started vaping nicotine two years ago because he thought it would be a safe way to quit smoking. Instead, it almost killed him. The 33-year-old construction worker spent 17 days in a Utah hospital last month when he came down with a lung illness after vaping nicotine and THC, the high-inducing ingredient in […]

Doorstep CBD beverage deliveries and CBD milk

Doorstep CBD deliveries are taking off in London in a partnership between drinks company Botanic Labs and Deliveroo. Within 45 minutes customers can receive orders for individual cans, four-packs, or eight-packs of Botanic Labs’ CBD drink, ‘Dutch Courage’. Each 250ml can of ‘Dutch Courage contains 5mg of full-spectrum CBD, sour cherry, and hibiscus, says the company […]

Nearly three quarters of German cannabis prescriptions are for pain

Pain and spasticity are the two most common patient ailments for medical cannabis prescriptions, say the German Government  Almost three quarters of all German cannabis prescriptions from a Government sample of over 6,500 are for pain – at 71%. This was followed by spasticity – a muscle condition at 11% – and anorexia at 7%, […]

U.K. High Street Banks shuns the CBD business

Cannabis Entrepreneurs have expressed their frustrations at erratic financial and regulatory systems that are failing businesses, customers and patients. One of the main issues U.K. CBD businesses currently experience is with the poorly functioning banking system. While the situation there is not as drastic as the U.S., where some employ security companies to ferry cash […]

California police found and destroyed $1 billion worth of marijuana plants

A tip about supposedly legal hemp production led California investigators to fields of marijuana plants. About 10 million of them. The Kern County Sheriff’s Office — with the help of the FBI and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife — executed search warrants on 11 fields in the Arvin area, about 100 miles north […]

U.S. organic hemp study receives a funding increase

A $1 million U.S. Department of Agriculture grant is supporting Purdue University research into organic hemp production. Much knowledge has been lost in the USA between the start of prohibition decades ago and the recent hemp renaissance; particularly in relation to growing hemp without the use of pesticides, or the use of environmentally gentle pesticides. […]

Vast majority of Pennsylvania Republicans desire legal cannabis, survey shows — not in country shops

A majority of Pennsylvania voters support legalizing cannabis for recreational use, a new Franklin & Marshall College poll shows. What they don’t want? Marijuana sold through the commonwealth’s more than 600 state-owned liquor stores. The poll released Thursday shows 58 percent of voters support legalization, a number consistent with March polling by the Lancaster, Pa.-based […]

How manufacturers appeal to the canna-curious

As adult-use cannabis becomes legal in more states, it is also becoming more socially and culturally acceptable. Those who just five years ago would never have dreamed of visiting a dispensary or gorging on a gummy are now interested in doing just that. They’re the canna-curious, and they’re a massive untapped market. But there is […]

Cannabis Tech: The growth of a business

Although medical and recreational cannabis is now legal in many places, the industry has undergone tremendous evolution over the years. From growth to processing, shipping, and consumption, cannabis technology continues to forge new efficient ways of establishing a sustainable industry. As a farmer, it is essential to take full advantage of emerging technologies to produce […]

Studies show cognitive control endangered in youthful, frequent cannabis users

A once understudied topic now shows a link between cannabis use and brain alterations, whereby chronic use may lead to poor conflict resolution skills. The development of neural circuits in youth, at a particularly important time in their lives, can be heavily influenced by external factors — specifically the frequent and regular use of cannabis […]

Will pot stocks start to change in November?

November could be the month to bring new possibilities to the pot stock market. With so much going on in a relatively small industry, it seems as though every day is a new day to see shifts in the market. As we have traversed the past few years in the pot stock market, we have […]

Everything you ought to know about flying CBD

Tips abound on how to pack your cannabis in luggage or what the TSA would actually do if they discovered your stash, but what about flying with CBD? Thanks to a patchwork of legalization across state lines, traveling with marijuana is a question many ask as of late. Particularly many worry about flying with cannabis—either […]