From Wall Street to weed: The fiscal disaster lit up the pot industry

As a senior vice president at Wachovia and then Morgan Stanley during the dark months of the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis, Derek Peterson watched as colleagues lost their jobs and life savings and wondered if he was next. At the time, he was managing approximately $120 million in client assets, but was growing disenchanted […]

Marijuana is the brand new gold for mining firms going to pot

Turns out, it may be easier to strike gold by growing green. Just ask Jay Wilgar, a former wind power developer who started a medical marijuana company with friend Travis Kanellos after hatching the idea while lifting weights at a gym. When they began looking at ways to take their startup public, advisers suggested partnering […]

Cannabis firm milestones are alternatives for traders

For the legal cannabis industry, 2018 is shaping up to be a banner year across Canada and the United States. California’s legal recreational marijuana industry is now open for business and by 2019 the world’s largest cannabis market is expected to rake in more than $5 billion in sales. The same figure is being suggested […]

Pot shares: Cannabis breaks successful streak

Pot stocks have broken their three-week winning streak, a somewhat ironic shift in sentiment given that last week was full of positives on the US cannabis policy front. In separate addresses, the governors of New York and New Jersey each said they will make legalisation of recreational cannabis a priority for 2019, potentially opening up […]

U.S. pot producer Cannex joins marijuana rush to record in Toronto

Cannex Capital Group Inc., owner of the largest marijuana company in the U.S., is looking to tap investor demand in Canada by listing its shares in Toronto. The Vancouver-based company that owns the assets of Northwest Cannabis Solutions in Washington state is poised to start trading Wednesday on the Canadian Securities Exchange, said Chief Executive Officer Anthony […]

Cannabis will require China technician 's route to propriety

America’s cannabis growers will follow an unusual path to propriety. The subversive industry is feared by the establishment, with investors reliant on legal loopholes. Yet these companies are starting out much like China’s tech giants did. In the same fashion, as they create jobs and wealth, appetite for reining them in will wane. The budding […]

Retail bud is becoming big business

MedMen (NASDAQOTH:MMNFF) unveiled preliminary fiscal second-quarter results on Jan. 17 showing that California’s retail marijuana market is accelerating. The company’s soaring sales show that marijuana retailers are poised for significant growth, but this company’s still got a lot of work to do before it’s likely to reward shareholders with earnings instead of losses.     […]

Alleged bogus cryptocurrency and marijuana trading performance hit by Texas regulator

An alleged bogus trading operation offering 8 percent weekly returns linking cryptocurrency and medical marijuana was hit by a Texas regulator Thursday. The Texas Securities Board filed a cease and desist order against Mark Moncher for allegedly trying to sell unregistered securities through his Financial Freedom Club also known as Millionaire Mentor University.   But […]

6 hashish tech firms able to set the market on hearth

The cannabis industry is full steam ahead. Innovation is a top priority for industry leaders, and the hottest sectors in cannabis are wearing their tech innovations like a badge of honor. The trends in cannabis technology are all across the spectrum. Forget the old days of growing pot in your basement. Virtual reality can take […]

The authorized cannabis market continues to demonstrate growth opportunities

According to data provided by European investment bank Bryan, Garnier & Co. the legal global cannabis market is poised for growth of more than 1,000% over the next decade and could reach $140 billion dollars by 2027. Arcview Market indicated recently that while California gets the media attention and Canada gets the investment dollars as the country expects to legalize cannabis […]

Meet Canada's marijuana moguls

Cannabis is going global and these six entrepreneurs are leading the charge. As thousands of entrepreneurs scramble to make a buck off legalized marijuana, six CEOs leading Canada’s largest cannabis companies have already put their plans for global domination into action. Among them are two American venture capitalists who decided cannabis is the next big […]

Meet the black girl who’s elevating $900Ok to launch medical marijuana merchandising machines

PopCom, a leading Black-owned automated retail technology company specializing in smart vending and kiosk solutions, has announced its plans to develop a new blockchain-powered product ecosystem that enables cannabis, pharmaceutical and alcohol retailers to automate the sale of government-regulated products. The company is inviting forward-thinking investors to join them in bringing transformative technology to retail […]

Liht Cannabis Corp. secures unique Canadian rights to proprietary applied sciences for US$1.56 million

Liht Cannabis Corp. reports its wholly owned subsidiary, Full Spectrum Medicinals, has completed securing the exclusive rights to the S5 Agro Technology Suite proprietary technology for use in the company’s Canadian cultivation facilities. The purchase price for the technology is approximately US$1.56 million in cash, with instalment payments due over the next eight months, notes […]

Legal marijuana sales may exceed soda earnings by 2030

Legal marijuana sales could surpass soda sales by 2030 according to the experts looking into the latest available data. Experts are predicting a huge increase in marijuana sales. According to Cowen & Co, a research company, U.S. marijuana sales will rise to $75 billion in the next twelve years. As soda’s popularity wanes, legal marijuana sales could surpass […]

Marijuana edibles and infused drinks ought to go on sale in Canada by October

The marijuana industry blossomed before our eyes in 2018, with the cannabis movement taking steps toward legitimacy like never before. In the United States, Food and Drug Administration approved its very first cannabis-derived drug, and President Trump signed the Farm Bill into law, legalizing hemp and hemp-based cannabidiol products. But of all events, none offered […]