What’s the operation of CBD in skin care solutions?

The demand for topical cannabis products has risen in the U.S., especially products that contain only cannabidiol (CBD). But what, exactly, does it do for skincare? Topical cannabis products are ideal for localized relief, and in recent years, sales of these products have significantly grown. Specifically, topical cannabis product sales in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington […]

Utah school districts set up vape detectors after related disorders

Utah is the latest state whose school districts are taking a zero tolerance stance on vaping at school. Following a string vaping incidents, illnesses and even deaths in teens, vaping has been at the center of controversy for months, with many health organizations urging students to no longer use vaping products. To enforce the ban, […]

University of Florida’s secret hemp subjects grow marijuana

Florida is likely just months away from officially allowing farmers to plant hemp in the Sunshine State. It would be the first time it’s allowed since the 1950s. The hemp and CBD oil craze has swept the nation over the last few years, with claims the plant can be used for thousands of products and […]

Hemp, the once-derided and still-stigmatized cannabis cousin of marijuana, could become Michigan’s next big cash crop. Cannibidol, known as CBD, is a compound found in hemp that is in high demand as the market for CBD oil grows. Since it doesn’t contain the high-inducing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that’s found in marijuana, CBD is legal and widely […]

Initial legal U.S. hemp harvest Published

Alongside their more traditional grains and other crops, American farmers are harvesting a new crop this year. Some growers are in the midst of the first legal hemp harvest. The Hemp Farming Act of 2018, a piece of legislation found in the 2018 Farm Bill, removed hemp from Schedule I controlled substances, allowing farmers to […]

Emerging cannabis packing businesses want to address legal weed’s plastics difficulty

The idea behind Ron Basak-Smith’s cannabis packaging company was simple. “I love cannabis,” says the co-founder of Denver’s Sana Packaging, “and I hate what packaging waste is doing to the environment.” Sana Packaging is one of a few new companies, including Boulder’s STO Responsible and Oakland’s SunGrown Packaging, that are attempting to solve cannabis’s plastic […]

Medical marijuana in Louisiana: Questions regarding price spring up

Three months after medical marijuana became available in Louisiana, doctors and clinics say some patients are finding the cost for therapeutic cannabis too high for treatment, pricing them out of a medication they waited years to obtain. Nine pharmacies dispense medicinal-grade pot and set their individual prices. Dispensary owners say their charges reflect an industry […]

Wyoming should proceed quickly to allow farmers start hemp creation

Last year, Wyoming lawmakers wisely legalized industrial hemp growing. Since then, state leaders have encouraged the creation of a hemp industry here, and in April, a Casper summit attracted hundreds of potential growers. There was just one problem. The federal government needed to craft rules for hemp production. That process wasn’t complete in time for […]

Gov. Noem again says no more to growing hemp in South Dakota

Gov. Kristi Noem reiterated her opposition Tuesday to legalizing industrial hemp production in South Dakota, even in the face of new federal rules allowing the cash crop. Hemp is seen as a possible boon by many farmers, but Noem said in a statement that legalizing it is akin to legalizing marijuana because it is difficult […]

Too much weed: Canadian cannabis manufacturers are still sitting on a mountain of stock, and it'therefore producing some industry watchers worried

Canadian cannabis producers and extractors are sitting on a massive stash of unfinished inventory that is growing so quickly that some analysts are concerned it could precipitate a price crash in the burgeoning industry. Since January of 2019, the amount of unfinished inventory of dried cannabis has nearly tripled, reaching a staggering 328,000 kilograms at […]

Volume cannabis imports into U.K. awarded the go-ahead

Canopy Growth’s U.K. subsidiary Spectrum Therapeutics has become the first in the country to secure a bulk import licence for cannabis medicine. The Financial Times reports that Spectrum has secured permission from the Home Office to import cannabis from Canopy’s operations in Germany and Denmark. While there are many pressing issues with the U.K. medical cannabis […]

Taking the guess work from analysing cannabis edibles

Cannabis, hemp and CBD experts, Dr Kaveh Kahen and Dr Toby Astill, discuss the analysis process for cannabis edibles, outlining the challenges and solutions available. In 2017, the Specialty Food Association predicted that cannabis would be a leading trend in the food and beverage industry from 2018 onwards. Since then, several global food and beverage manufacturers […]

FDA supports tobacco pouches as more powerful than smokes

For the first time, U.S. health regulators have endorsed a brand of tobacco pouches as less harmful than cigarettes, a decision that could open the door to other less risky options for smokers. The milestone announcement on Tuesday from the Food and Drug Administration marks the government’s first backing of a so-called “reduced risk” tobacco product. FDA regulators stressed, […]