The 5 Cheapest Marijuana Stocks on the Planet

Between the start of 2016 and the end of the first quarter in 2019, cannabis stocks were practically unstoppable. Early investors who had the wherewithal to buy and hold pot stocks often found themselves up by triple- or even quadruple-digit percentages in a relatively short amount of time. However, the past six and a half months […]

Denmark brings major Canadian cannabis investments

Nine months ago, the Danish pharma specialist NNE sowed a seed – a team providing strategic business consulting on growing, producing and distributing medical cannabis. Now NNE reaps the harvest; The team has 25 projects in the basket and is currently counsellors for Canadian Atlas’ major cannabis investment in Denmark. The NNE CEO describes the team as a ‘disruption […]

Louisiana industrial hemp program advancement

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) announced late last week it has submitted rules and regulations for the state’s industrial hemp program with the State Register’s office. Louisiana was among a handful of remaining hemp holdout states until Governor John Bel Edwards signed off on HB491 in June this year, which became Act No. […]

Check out How Legalization is Moving in Nevada

Voters in Nevada made their state one of the four to approve adult-use legalization in November 2016. The efforts there may not have gotten the media attention that California (because of its size) or Massachusetts and Maine (first victories for recreational legalization on the East Coast) did, but events in the state continue to show just how […]

As the seasons change so do pot stocks

 Marijuana stocks are shifting on the daily due to the massive innovation going on throughout the industry. With so many investors in the pot stock market, it seems as though some companies are appearing as interesting investments over others. This is due to the amount of forward-thinking that they are employing and their commitment to the future. Within […]

Medical cannabis for children – Australia’s Victoria expands application

More Victorian children will have access to medicinal cannabis as a result of an expansion to the Andrews Labor Government’s compassionate access scheme. Minister for Health Jenny Mikakos announced the scheme would be increased from 60 to 90 places for children with intractable epilepsy – epilepsy where conventional treatments fail to control seizures. The scheme […]

How California’s energy outage is hurting authorized marijuana

Electricity drives many legal grow operations and could irrevocably damage marijuana plants during harvest season. Following massive, deadly wildfires a year ago, while also dealing with bankruptcy negotiations, California utility company Pacific Gas & Electric decided to shut off power this week to avoid any more potential damage. Five out of the 10 most destructive […]

Will marijuana shares see a flip out there

For those who watch the marijuana stock market, they know that the past few months have not been too kind to investors. All of this could be changing however as new sentiment could begin to go into effect in the near future. With a large amount of research at one’s hand, it becomes much easier […]

three tricks to futurize your CannaBusiness with synthetic intelligence

Cannabis is all the rage these days. In fact, Grand View Research reports that the global legal marijuana market is expected to hit USD $146.4 billion by 2025, meaning your CannaBusiness is either at the forefront of this ever-changing industry, or will be left behind when those projected sales numbers hit. To avoid getting smoked by the competition, […]

Grading hashish energy ‘will improve mental health of users’

Standard units for grading the potency of cannabis – similar to those already used for alcohol – would result in significant improvements in the mental health of users, according to addiction experts. Researchers from the Addiction and Mental Health Group at the University of Bath, working with staff from King’s College London, UCL and the Australian Catholic […]

Finland relaxes guidelines on DUIs involving hashish

A ruling by Finland’s Supreme Court means that motorists will likely not be charged for driving under the influence days after using cannabis. The influence of cannabis on users dissipates after some hours, however its “fingerprints” remain in the body for even longer. The court ruling aims to recognise that compounds related to metabolising cannabis […]

5 methods to include efficient CBD merchandise into your on a regular basis life

Whether you’re struggling with a health issue or your quality of life needs a positive boost, CBD could potentially help. Here are some ways to incorporate and use CBD-based products in your everyday life. The cannabis plant itself is both medically and therapeutically beneficial, especially because of the wide variety of cannabinoids it contains. Although […]

AI helping thriving cannabis industry grow even quicker

Humans are getting extra help in farming cannabis – his name is William and he’s an AI robot. The fourth industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, has brought about rapid changes in a variety of businesses, revolutionizing everything from how we make cars (think Tesla, which heavily relies on automation at its Fremont factory) and […]

Medical hashish data sharing: can the UK be taught from Australia?

Medical cannabis has been legal in Australia since 2016 with almost 20,000 legal patient approvals. The law was introduced in Australia in February 2016 to establish a regime authorising the cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis. This allows for a supply of medicinal cannabis products to be available for therapeutic purposes and furthermore to facilitate […]

The way the cannabis business is saving little cities across America

In states like California, Colorado, and Washington, where cannabis cultivation is now legal, the industry is saving many small locales that are on the verge of becoming ghost towns. After decades of strict prohibition, cannabis now proving to be quite a commodity, rescuing these small towns from bankruptcy and multi-million dollar deficits. Abandoned buildings, dilapidated […]

The Race to Become the Worlds Biggest Weed Supplier

Companies vying to be the biggest cannabis producer in America or Canada are wasting their time and suffering from a crippling lack of vision. The real play is to make a bid to become the worldwide leader in global cannabis exports — like firms in Jamaica and Lesotho as well as Canada are attempting to do — […]