Legalizing cannabis is your reply to vaping concerns

Over the past few months the media has been awash with reports of people getting sick from vaping. Nearly every day, news outlets report on otherwise healthy, usually young, people who have fallen critically ill from the use of vapes that they believed to be a safer alternative to smoking. In response, politicians have been […]

FBI Data reveals marijuana arrests increased for third consecutive year

Despite marijuana legalization in 11 states and widespread decriminalization, police still focus on arresting Americans for cannabis possession. A new crime report produced by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program found there were 663,367 marijuana arrests in the United States last year. That amounts to one cannabis arrest every 48 seconds. More alarming, however, is […]

South Dakota's hemp invoice beginning to take shape for 2020 legislative session

Lawmakers have begun writing a bill legalizing industrial hemp in South Dakota in 2020.  The legislative Hemp Study Committee is building off the failed 2019 bill that would have legalized industrial hemp. However, the 2020 bill’s language will be finalized after the U.S. Department of Agriculture announces its hemp program guidelines, which are expected by the end of the […]

Two cannabis stocks which may land a game-changing spouse in 2020

Last year, nearly every cannabis company was racing to find a big-time partner. Cronos Group, for example, secured a $1.8 billion deal with tobacco giant Altria Group. Cronos stock ran more than 100% on the news, rising to a peak market cap of $20 billion. Canopy Growth, meanwhile, locked down a $4 billion capital infusion […]

Growing use as older cannabis stereotypes are debunked

Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, but despite the therapeutic benefits of the plant, international regulators ultimately deemed it unsafe for the public due to its marijuana derivative for many years. There are many unhelpful cannabis stereotypes pushed by politicians and media that prevent people from accessing this medicine. The marijuana plant, […]

Does the Italian Mafia play a part in the cannabis trade?

While the global drug market may be heavily associated with Latin American cartels and violence south of the border, places like New York and Chicago have their own homegrown drug trade thanks in large part to the Sicilian-born La Cosa Nostra. This mafia organization had an iron grip on most illegal activity in major cities […]

Reasons marijuana legalization appears to be neglecting

When it was first proposed, the concept of marijuana legalization seemed solid enough. Take the world’s most popular illicit substance, establish a taxed and regulated marketplace and watch all of the evil associated with the herb – the criminal activity, the youth consumption –fade away into a footnote of American history. And by all accounts, […]

Two Marijuana Stocks to Watch in November

With so many pot stocks to watch throughout the industry, it can be difficult at times to deduce where the most value is hiding. This becomes much easier as more research comes into play. Research seems to be the main aspect that separates the pro investors from those operating at the amateur level. With the […]

Is European Cannabis Holdings preparing for flotation? )

One of the leading lights of the European cannabis scene has successfully completed its demerger – as speculation mounts that a stock market flotation is imminent. London and Dublin-based European Cannabis Holdings (ECH) has split into distinct media and medical cannabis divisions, each with a trio of well-known brands. In a company statement it said […]

Brazil's medical marijuana market projected to achieve US$ 1.1 billion annually

Entrepreneurs continue to invest in Brazil’s medical marijuana market, despite a lack of support from Brazil’s government. There is no legislation in favor of legalizing medical marijuana in Brazil, and the government disapproved of the National National Health Surveillance Agency’s proposal to regulate the issue. The medical marijuana market is projected to reach R$ 1.1 […]

Thailand gets hitched with production of domestic cannabis breed

A new strain of cannabis is showing that Thailand appreciates its weed as much as its independence. Researchers at Maejo University in Chiang Mai announced the creation of Issara 01—meaning freedom or independence—a plant that will be used to treat patients who have applied to the country’s medical marijuana program. The national strain possesses equal […]

Illinois marijuana businesses receive initial country permits for growing

As the date when the legalization of recreational marijuana in Illinois takes effect draws closer, the state issued its first licenses to growers.  The first companies to be granted approval for cultivation are Cresco Labs, PharmaCann, Ascend Illinois and Columbia Care. For the first crops to be ready by January 1, 2020, when legal sales […]

Cannabis taking root in Colombia

Cannabis companies are rushing to set up operations in Colombia, looking to gain a foothold in one of Latin America’s drug capitals as governments across the world embrace the burgeoning legal marijuana industry. Growers, many with financial backing of firms from Canada and the U.S., estimate as much as $500 million has been invested to […]