The cannabis black market is excellent news for legal earnings

Revenue reports from California’s legal marijuana markets showed the industry on pace to generate over $3bn (~€2.70bn) in licensed cannabis sales. The cannabis black market represents a major opportunity for growth among legal cannabis suppliers. There is no evidence that the legal cannabis market is comprised solely of first-time users who waited until cannabis was legal to start […]

How these Marijuana stocks look for the upcoming year 2020

It is no secret that pot stocks are expected to be one of the hottest growth trends in the next decade. The legalization of adult cannabis in Canada and several states in America are the key events promoting cannabis’ sales. It increases tripled in the past four years by 2018. And, according to legal cannabis […]

For Sale: Two Florida Medical Marijuana Licenses. Worth? $95 million

In a move uncharacteristic of the cannabis market in Florida, an Atlanta broker is searching for the next owners of two highly sought Florida medical marijuana licenses. Aubrey Logan-Holland, the CEO of a relatively new firm called Blue Dream Industries, is listing the licenses, or “paper” in industry speak, for about $95 million in total. […]

Texas abruptly stops issuing licenses for new medical marijuana dispensaries

Medical cannabis entrepreneurs are looking for answers after the Texas Department of Public Safety unexpectedly shut down its application process for new dispensary permits on Wednesday. The window was originally intended to last through November 1. No reason was given for the abrupt termination of the application window, which had been announced as a month-long […]

Is your health worth paying a bit less for vape cartridges? 4 Tips for avoiding knockoff THC pens

It’s been a crazy month for vape smokers. The CDC announced that there’s a lung injury outbreak associated with vaping, which has injured over 800 people and caused 12 deaths across multiple states. It’s an alarming set of statistics that have prompted rash decisions, with states outright banning vape products. With so much misinformation flying around, the least […]

How Marijuana Can Enhance an Active Lifestyle

For many, pot is part of a well rounded lifestyle that includes nutrition, fitness and a balanced work life. If you feel like you’ve tried everything to boost your workouts and take your physical activity to the next level, have you considered marijuana? Before, after, during — they all have their places. With cannabis being […]

Marijuana Struggles to Move Forward with Banking

Kat Merryfield was ready to share her farm-to-home oils, chocolates and creams with the rest of the country. But banks and credit card processors weren’t ready to work with her small business. “We started out our website with PayPal, and it took about six months before they shut us down,” Merryfield said. “And then they […]

The 12 Strains of Christmas

For many holiday seasons, Los Angeles has had the best selection of marijuana on the planet. And this year, for the first time, everyone over the age of 21 can buy it legally! There is a lot out there to pick from, and with the 12 Strains of Christmas, we’re sure we pulled from the […]

Can I use marijuana to deal with cold or flu?

We are rapidly approaching that dreadful time once again: cold and flu season. All one has to do is spend a few hours in an airport — a petri dish inside the global travel system — and it becomes painfully evident by all the coughing and wheezing whipping about the terminal that it won’t be […]

British Columbia eventually has over a single valid brick and mortar pot shops

Two months after legalization, British Columbia finally has more than just one place to buy weed, writes Calvin Hughes.  When recreational cannabis legalization came in to effect on October 17th, the BC government announced that  they would have only one place for people to buy the substance. The original store was a government operated dispensary located in Kamloops, […]

5 Easiest edibles to create at home

Edibles are one of the most popular ways to consume marijuana. In fact, many new users prefer edibles to smoking, writes Joseph Misulonas. But some people would rather make their own concoctions than rely on pre-made ones. So what are the easiest edible recipes to make? Well, here are five super simple edibles you can make at your own home. 5. […]

What occurs after a country legalizes weed?

More Americans than ever are on-board with marijuana legalization. With revenue expected to aid in education and retroactively restore rights to perpetrators of misdemeanor charges, it’s becoming more accepted. For now, it’s a state’s decision, and multiple states such as Michigan, Colorado, and Massachusetts have made recreational marijuana legal. Marijuana is currently legal to consume recreationally in 10 […]

The wait for medical marijuana in Ohio will be over

After months of delays, patients could be able to get legal medical marijuana in Ohio in a matter of days.  Mark Hamlin with the Ohio Department of Commerce says some licensed growers are preparing to harvest their plants. And he adds one dispensary in Wintersville near Steubenville is likely to open soon. In recent days, a certificate of […]