Balcanns sets out to make a new benchmark for medicinal cannabis

Macedonian-based grower is on a mission to produce high quality, low-cost solutions to meet unmet market needs. Demand for medicinal cannabis in Europe has reached new levels and is expected to grow by more than 400% through 2023. With a market of over 742 million people and a total healthcare spend of €2.3 trillion, the […]

The single most significant problem with marijuana stocks right now

A year ago, marijuana stocks could do no wrong. Valuations for nearly all pot stocks were soaring on the expectation that the global cannabis industry would grow by a strong double-digit percentage for years to come, as well as the fact that Canada was becoming the first industrialized country in the world to legalize recreational cannabis. But […]

Miami Beach formally prohibits public smoking of marijuana and hemp

For the past three and a half months, marijuana has essentially been decriminalized in Miami. After Florida legalized hemp July 1, the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office announced it would no longer prosecute most minor marijuana charges because the substance is virtually indistinguishable from hemp. Nevertheless, the City of Miami Beach has passed a municipal ordinance to discourage […]

Some Indiana farmers unsure hemp will get profitable

Some Indiana farmers have started harvesting their first legal crop of hemp without knowing for certain whether it will prove to be lucrative. President Donald Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill in December , legalizing hemp. Since then, Indiana farmers have taken out permits to grow thousands of acres of hemp for its fiber, seed […]

First year hemp growers fight to achieve profitability

For the first time in more than eight decades, farmers in most parts of the country have the freedom to make hemp part of their plow and pick repertoire. It has been said for years that the legalization of industrial hemp production in the United States would breathe new life into agriculture, giving the American […]

Vaping trailblazers supposedly sold hazardous synthetic marijuana

Some of the people rushing to emergency rooms thought the CBD vape they inhaled would help like a gentle medicine. Others puffed it for fun. What the vapors delivered instead was a jolt of synthetic marijuana, and with it an intense high of hallucinations and even seizures. More than 50 people around Salt Lake City […]

Louisiana moving ahead with industrial hemp program

Louisiana officials hope the federal government will approve the state’s industrial hemp program by Jan. 1 so they can begin issuing licenses. If all goes according to plan, Louisiana farmers will begin planting the new crop this spring. Though the federal government is not expected to issue its rules until next month, the Louisiana Department […]

Arthritis victims guide the way for progressing cannabis as pain medication

Read entire article here. By conservative estimates, at least 54 million American adults have doctor-diagnosed arthritis, according to the Arthritis Foundation, and many of them are turning to cannabis to treat their painful symptoms, inflammation, and mood swings. And it’s working. CreakyJoints, an online arthritis support community, conducted a survey and presented a summary of the results at […]

1 marijuana inventory that may produce a Million-Dollar payday

The legal marijuana industry has hit a crossroads. The inherent structural weaknesses in the Canadian market — such as too few retail locations per province — have wrecked havoc on quarterly earnings reports in the latter half of 2019, as well as earnings forecasts for 2020. These regulatory roadblocks, in turn, are already starting to […]

Being a real marijuana sommelier is currently a matter

At a candlelight dinner party on a Harvard Square patio one recent evening, each table setting included a plate, knife, fork — and a clear glass pipe and jars of marijuana. After the two dozen well-dressed guests, who ranged from their early 20s to late 50s, seated themselves, John Maden stood and introduced himself as […]

8 hints every house marijuana chef should understand

Baking, cooking and mixing food and drink with cannabis extracts and concentrates is a fine art that can take a really long time to perfect. It’s science, after all. With the right techniques, you can skate by even as a beginner. Use this list to make sure your knowledge is up to speed as a […]

Cannabis drinkables are the brand new edibles: The place, when and learn how to get them

Why do consumers love drinkable cannabis? Let us count the ways. It’s discreet, it requires no special equipment, it tastes good, and it’s a familiar and safe delivery system.  Weed-infused drinks make up one of the fastest-growing segments of the cannabis market. It’s a sprawling category that includes tinctures to mix with cocktails; non-alcoholic alternatives to […]

Bill would eliminate cannabis possession as grounds for deportation

A bill introduced by lawmakers in Washington, D.C. recently would remove possession of cannabis as grounds for deportation under federal law. Under the bill, the Remove Marijuana from Deportable Offenses Act (S. 2021), the offenses for which an undocumented immigrant could be deported would be amended. The bill was introduced by Democratic Sen. Cory Booker […]

3 strategies to become a conscientious cannabis consumer

Because cannabis is in a grey area, it’s not treated like an everyday plant or product coming from harvest, but rather something more comparable to a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol. When you want to partake in the recreational cannabis market, either as a resident or tourist, the newness and novelty of everything could […]

The 5 Cheapest Marijuana Stocks on the Planet

Between the start of 2016 and the end of the first quarter in 2019, cannabis stocks were practically unstoppable. Early investors who had the wherewithal to buy and hold pot stocks often found themselves up by triple- or even quadruple-digit percentages in a relatively short amount of time. However, the past six and a half months […]

Mexico could also be simply weeks away from legalizing marijuana

Last year, we saw marijuana history made many times over. Canada became the first industrialized country in the world to legalize recreational marijuana nearly one year ago, while the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved its very first cannabis-derived drug. The latter is a pretty big deal, considering that marijuana remains a Schedule I (i.e., illicit) […]

Researchers study how to take care of cannabis dependence with much more cannabis

The solution to cannabis dependency might simply be more cannabis. That’s according to a new study from researchers at University College London, which found that cannabidiol (CBD) can help people reduce their consumption of THC. Presenting the study at this year’s London’s New Scientist Live festival, lead author Val Curran called the findings “really remarkable.” […]