Tired of smelly pot? First-ever ‘odourless cannabis’ declared

Tired of smelly cannabis? One company might have a solution for you. Brampton, Ont.-based CannabCo Pharmaceuticals announced Tuesday that it will launch an “odourless cannabis,” and claims that it is the first ever to do so. The company says in the statement that it will use a technology called “PURECANN” to create the odourless cannabis, […]

Vaping furors intensifies as Trump vows tougher U.S. evaluation

Faced with a worsening epidemic of teenage vaping and a mysterious illness stalking users of cigarette alternatives, the Trump administration promised to ratchet up its oversight of a burgeoning but increasingly troubled industry. President Donald Trump said Wednesday that vaping had become an urgent public-health concern in the U.S., “specifically with respect to children.” Health […]