Market Date:24 September, 2020

Wisconsin Governor Signs New Hemp Bill Into Law

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has signed a hemp bill into legislation which brings the country into line with this Federal 2018 Farm Bill.

Senate Bill 188, today 2019 Wisconsin Act 68, watched a variety of modifications introduced, for example, modification of this definition of this plant — that the Act employs the expression “hemp” rather than “industrial hemp” throughout.

The Act also repeals Wisconsin’s hemp pilot application, which will happen 1 year following U.S. Department of Agriculture builds a strategy for regulating production of this harvest.

Among other modifications is a “truth-in-labeling” requirement prohibiting the mislabelling of a hemp merchandise, such as making incorrect claims about a product’s contents, THC levels, quality or source.

The Act also explains laws regulating hemp might not be construed to restrict access to goods comprising cannabidiol (CBD).  Furthermore, farmers are going to have greater security, with a requirement  that hemp buyers buying under contract has to pay the farmer in seven days of taking ownership of their hemp.

“I was proud to sign this collaborative, bipartisan bill into law today to ensure the continued success of our hemp program and the many new opportunities hemp provides to Wisconsin farmers,” stated Governor Evers on Tuesday.

The Wisconsin Hemp Farmers and Manufacturers Association welcomed the signing of this bill into law, saying it had been a “great day to be a hempster in Wisconsin”.

The country is gearing up for yet another big season for hemp in 2020. At the start of the month, the hemp licensing application and enrollment interval for the next year’s growing season kicked off, which will operate under the country’s pilot program.

This season found enormous quantity of attention from the pilot program) 1,247 growers and 556 chips were licensed and enrolled 2019, together with roughly 850 growers really planting a crop. Total area under hemp cultivation was estimated at 5,000 acres for 2019.  Regrettably, growers faced a challenging season, together with persistent cold and rainy weather much the same as the first year of this pilot 2018.

For 2020, fresh growers need to cover a one-time licensing fee ranging from $150 to $1,000. The fee amount is dependent upon the number of acres growers intend to plant.

After a top manufacturer of hemp, the harvest was able to create a return to Wisconsin following then-Governor Scott Walker signed Senate Bill 119 into legislation at 2017.