Market Date:24 September, 2020

Missouri medical marijuana registration growing like a weed

Over 21,000 individuals in Missouri are prescribed to use medical marijuana because registration began at the end of June, and the amount is growing by roughly 1,000 individuals each week.

That means the amount of authorized patients is on pace to exceed a quote from the MU Department of Economics, which called 22,534 individuals are accepted by the conclusion of 2021. 

Missouri NORML coordinator Dan Viets said his team always predicted that the numbers of patients registering are greater compared to MU research projected. He attributed the discrepancy to Missouri’s medical marijuana legislation, which”grants physicians the discretion to recommend cannabis for a huge array of ailments and injuries.”

The legislation summarizes certain qualifying states but also allows physicians to reevaluate patients that have other symptoms that they think marijuana could facilitate. 

Missouri NORML stated in a news release that nearly one-third of individuals approved to use medical marijuana also have been authorized to grow their own. Under Article XIV, designated and patients caregivers may grow the plant. 

“it’s essential that our law enables patients to cultivate themselves,” Viets said. “Many individuals have an extremely limited income. Health insurance doesn’t cover medical marijuana. The choice to cultivate for and by patients provides a cheap option to buying cannabis through accredited retail dispensaries.”