Market Date:29 March, 2020

Growing cannabis in greenhouses: the significance of suitable project preparation

Are you considering embarking to a fresh growing project but without the idea of where to begin? It is best not to leap right into a new project without finishing the required actions to make certain you have the best strategy in place. As opposed to trying to grow quickly, any potential grower must stick to some preliminary actions to begin the procedure to your special needs.


Every project begins with a preparation phase which permits you to set your requirements, among which will be obtaining a construction permit. You must confirm the requirements of legislation and cannabis licenses in your area. Do abundant study concerning your project since it’s essential that you know every detail of this law and what’s expected of you. Then you have to get a city license. It’s ideal to submit an application for a license as soon as you can as being accepted may be a lengthy procedure and depends upon several aspects that could be unpredictable. If you experience difficulties getting your project approved, be certain that you contact experienced professionals and specialists in the area who will supply you with examples and reference materials to help make your project approved.

Create a preliminary strategy

Assessing your requirements will let you come up with a preliminary strategy. These factors will help to ascertain your requirements and help you in the subsequent stages to look for a strategy of action.

  • Are you planning on home your plants? Will they’re on the floor, on seats, or double seats? How tall can you intend on growing your plants? The solution to this will determine the height of your greenhouse as well as the essential equipment.
  • Just how many grow zones and square footage are you going to want? This will ascertain the vital measurements of the greenhouse
  • What sort of soil are you building on? This will impact the selection of foundation.
  • If you ready the land before beginning building? Excavation, deforestation or alternative work could be required before you can begin building. Be sure locate a builder who can assist you. You also need to produce a program with your builder and make everybody aware of the deadline for the project.
  • Can you have sufficient energy resources close to where the greenhouse is going to be? It is important to get access to gas, electricity and water to ensure smooth operation and management of the greenhouse and its own gear.

Contact the specialists

as soon as you have all of the info that you require, it is time to talk with a sales representative on your project. They’ll ask you further questions and return to you with a personalized project proposition. A specialist will also allow you to choose the best gear and construction for your project. Possessing a specialist involved will also guarantee that of the cannabis growing specifications will be honored and added to a proposition. (As an instance: picking the right covering which complies with cannabis industry standards for security, security systems, odor control, climate control equipment, etc.)

Utilizing in-house engineers, Harnois Greenhouses guarantees that your project receives the specialist therapy. These engineers design and personalize each greenhouse themselves for every individual project. Each Harnois Greenhouse is stamped by a Professional Engineer. They’re also especially designed to withstand snow and wind in line with the positioning of this project. Engineers may also allow you to look at how to set your plants by calculating spaces, rows and gear. Read more about the benefits provided here.

Getting started

When the greenhouse is selected, you may start picking and customising the construction by selecting covering, gear, along with other crucial details engineers can help with. Together with your license and preparation of the website, installation of this construction can start. Once construction is complete and equipment is delivered, you may eventually start to begin growing your cannabis! Following a successful grow season you will be well prepared to start planning your upcoming growth projects.

Harnois Greenhouses has provided reliable and advanced greenhouses for over 50 years. Construct with Harnois Greenhouses to get access to specialists who can assist you through this intricate process whilst producing the best growing performance for your requirements.