Market Date:19 September, 2020

Field test kits can help authorities differentiate between marijuana and hemp

Field evaluation kits for authorities to help differentiate prohibited marijuana from industrial hemp — equally cannabis plants — will be distributed to branches around Virginia.

The Virginia Department of Forensic Science advised law enforcement agencies last month which 16,150 kits are bought for $97,500 with a grant from the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.

Both the 2 plants smell and look the same. However, cannabis which has a degree of THC — the compound that generates a high — of 0.3percent or less is legal in the ownership of growers, traders and processors that are enrolled with the state authorities.

The Duquenois-Levine area evaluation that formerly was widely used by authorities to discover cannabis will nevertheless be employed to decide if defendant substance is cannabis.

If yes, then the new evaluation kit, dubbed 4-AP, will be utilized to signal if it’s marijuana, requiring additional testing. A movie made by the Virginia State Police and Department of Forensic Science how the new evaluation can be used can be located in

The 4-AP evaluation can’t determine THC content, but it might indicate whether the THC concentration at the defendant substance is higher the concentration of some other cannabidiol, CBD. The fast growing hemp business is fueled mainly by CBD, touted as having different health advantages.

When the liquid employed at the 4-AP test turns blue, the substance is probably marijuana and needs to be submitted to the state lab for additional testing.

When the liquid turns pink, then it suggests that the CBD material is higher compared to THC and normally means the material shouldn’t be submitted for additional testing, police said.