Market Date:24 February, 2020

World's medical cannabis ratings platform available

Industry-first evaluations platform grabs medical cannabis relief for wellness problems.

Medical cannabis is providing relief to countless people across a vast assortment of health problems such as stress, insomnia, stress, chronic pain and PTSD, however there isn’t much statistical information about the true health relief experienced from medical cannabis consumers.

Tender Advice is a custom made cannabis ratings platform designed especially for the medical cannabis business and solves this problem by capturing self-reported cannabis ratings within a 30-second 12-query anonymous online Scorecard.

Each Scorecard includes options for 296 wellness difficulties, 4 seriousness levels per health dilemma, how long that the user has undergone that health problem, a searchable collection of medical cannabis products, 9 medical cannabis intake procedures, 4 medical cannabis forms and client demographics for sex, age range and ethnicity, with 3 individual evaluations scores to your wellbeing aid experienced each client.

Information is mapped to some company analytics platform using strong visual charts that reveal cannabis evaluations information across any mix of these information filters. Charts may be embedded in almost any page showing cannabis product evaluations for any health problem.

Consumer-based evaluations info provides a highly effective advocacy platform for business legalization, permits cannabis dispensaries and delivery businesses to direct clients to the best goods and intake methods to get a health problem, and generates an industry-first research database for medical cannabis wellness aid.

The platform is currently available for purchase today and contains most of testing technologies, the site domain name and related intellectual property including mission of a USPTO medical cannabis provisional patent application.