Market Date:24 February, 2020

What employees can anticipate should Michigan's amateur marijuana suggestion passes

(WXYZ) – The debate on marijuana in Michigan is heating up as we get closer to the November election.

Proposal 1 is among the most talked about topics on the November ballot; it might hamper the recreational use of cannabis in the state of Michigan.

If passed, the measure enables anybody 21 and elderly to take 2.5 ounces of marijuana without even getting in trouble. 

As a growing number of states legalize recreational marijuana, research reveal an increasing number of folks are smoking — or getting captured. Quest Diagnostics reports 2017 was a banner , an all-time large for individuals failing drug tests.

Attorney Deborah Gordon said while the proposal would legalize marijuana, Michigan stays an at-will state.

“Exactly what the company will be stuck with today is dealing with individuals that are utilizing recreational marijuana,” she explained. “And,’What can I do with this worker? What can I do? There is no law telling me exactly what to do…that I must work out in my own how I will manage and worker walking under the influence of marijuana.'”

We achieved to over a dozen leading companies in Michigan.

Ford, for example, does not have any intention to make changes at the moment.

DTE Energy will nevertheless examine, releasing the next announcement:

. . .Due into the character of our job as an energy firm, DTE is needed to do drug testing with respect to state and federal law. We’ve got no plans to modify our business’s present drug-free policy if recreational marijuana is headquartered in Michigan.