Market Date:24 February, 2020

# & there 039; s no link between marijuana and violence, experts say

Marijuana and violence are becoming connected in odd manners over the last month or so. A new book argues that there’s a connection, and also a famous TV host has also raised the problem. Experts, on the other hand, have lined up to assert they are equally wrong.

The newest controversy over marijuana and violence got kickstarted from FOX News host Tucker Carlson if he interviewed  former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson.

Discussing about the mass shot in Dayton, Ohio,” Carlson explained the young guy was”regarded as a long-time consumer of marijuana. It ends up, actually, that lots of violent individuals happen to be enthusiastic marijuana users. Is there a link? “

Research Don’t Service A Link

The simple fact that Carlson brought up this isn’t any surprise. Berenson includes a book — known as”Tell Your Kids: The Truth Concerning Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence” — which (in case the name is not obvious enough) creates the relationship between marijuana and violence.

His publication basically asserts that marijuana use contributes to psychosis, which psychosis is correlated with violent behaviour. Carlson provided no pushback on Berenson’s book, based on PolitiFact. Instead, he commended the former reporter as a “voice in the wilderness.” 

Is he? Science hints, the solution is “no.”

Katherine Newman, University of Massachusetts interim chancellor and writer of a book on school shootings, informed PolitiFact the notion of marijuana usage resulting in violence is “absolute nonsense. There is no link whatsoever between marijuana and extreme violence.”

She is far from alone. Researchers and clinicians wrote a public record earlier this season which blasted Berenson’s publication. One of their assertions is the writer attributed the origin to mere affiliation, cherry picked information and suffered from selection bias.

“In addition to his flawed use of science, Berenson’s argument outright ignores most of the harms of prohibition, focusing narrowly on the harms of marijuana use,” the letter said. While admitting that “none would argue that marijuana is risk-free” they wrote that prohibition resulted in this “criminalization of millions of people, overwhelmingly black and brown.” 

They composed: “Legalization is the less harmful approach.”

A British And Deadly Study IS frequently used as Source Material

British and Dutch researchers published a study which discovered marijuana increased violent behaviour, but involved men and women who suffered from psychotic disorders like schizophrenia.

Even granted that circumstance, the investigators published this: “It is unclear to what extent different categories of illicit substances, as defined by their psychopharmacological effects, are related to violent behavior.”

Even among the authors of this study employed by Berenson from the publication, Ziva Copper, the head of UCLA’s Cannabis Research Initiative, Tweeted the analysis wasn’t as conclusive as Berenson’s book indicated.

She wrote that the research found an association between marijuana and psychosis, although maybe not that marijuana induces psychosis.