Market Date:29 March, 2020

New Yorkers consuming more marijuana than any other town on earth

Forget the Big Apple, New York is the Big Green with New Yorkers consuming more marijuana than any other town on the planet.

New York is smoking, ingesting and vaping over 77 heaps of weed per year.

Los Angeles absorbs just over 36 to be the second ranked US city.

Much more intriguing is that marijuana is legal in Los Angeles, and just partly authorized in New York. 

NYC Cannabis Parade (envisioned in May, 2017) is a four-decade old first nyc convention and is a part of the The International Marijuana March that was created in New York City in which New Yorkers are currently cited to be the world’s major buyers of pot 

A woman in pictured smoking marijuana in Union Square, New York where the city's inhabitants are consuming the most weed in the world according to a study 

A female in imagined smoking marijuana in Union Square, New York at which the town’s inhabitants are swallowing the maximum weed on earth according to a research.

Karachi, Pakistan came in second to New York when broken up internationally. Although it’s illegal there, they’re still swallowing only under 42 heaps of those green products. 

The findings have been published in a research by Seedo, which examined weed intake from round the world.  

Dr. Igor Zhuravenko, who’s one of just a small number of physicians in New York which may lawfully prescribe medical marijuana to patients,” stated he was surprised by the town’s standing at the Mary Jane entire world industry.

He stated other towns ought to have obtained the green crown before New York.

‘Say Holland, Amsterdam is the capital of marijuana use right now,’ he advised WPIX. ‘ I really doubt they don’t possess great numbers in Holland.’ 

While Amsterdam is included in the analysis, They Don’t compete with the mass amount that New Yorkers are swallowing yearly.  

Reefer can also be lawful in Amsterdam, but in the United States it’s still a schedule I drug under the national authorities.

Schedule I drugs contain heroine, LSD, peyote, ecstasy and marijuana, which, as Dr. Zhuravenko points outside ‘totally doesn’t feel ‘

The authorities lists the ganja below the maximum classification a medication can get.  

The study by Seedo does a breakdown of top city's in the United States consuming marijuana 

The analysis by Seedo does a breakdown of high city’s at the USA consuming marijuana.

The study focused on consumption of marijuana in all forms from smoking and vaping to eating

The analysis focused on ingestion of marijuana in most forms from smoking and vaping to ingestion.

If New York moved ahead in legalizing bud, the analysis suggests it would offer an economic boom for the town, earning an estimated $150 million in taxation revenue. 

Dr. Zhuravenko reported that no matter the potential for abuse, it had been if the government was included in the selling of pot.

‘In the medical term I think it should be controlled in certain amount,’ he explained. 

‘In the world we live in, we have 74 tons on the street. We have people who are selling it, and I’m sorry, you don’t have any clue what they are selling.’