Market Date: 8 July, 2020

Illinois is taking action against synthetic cannabinoids

Illinois is taking actions against synthetic cannabinoids, but is it enough to halt the medication from claiming more victims?

Back in the month of March alone, almost two dozen people have wound up in Illinois hospitals bleeding badly in their eyes, eyes and open wounds.

They were not involved in accidents or even the victims of violent assaults.

And no, they were not infected by a few flesh-eating virus. Rather, these folks were hospitalized following having “Spice,” a medication that combines artificial cannabinoids using smokable herbs or vaping liquid. State public health officials simply made the link between the instances of seveer bleeding along with the medication. And today, Illinois is taking action against synthetic cannabinoids.

“Spice” Is Causing People To Severely Bleed away from their Eyes, Ears And Wounds

Since March 7, the Illinois Department of Public Health has received reports which 22 individuals went into the hospital as a result of acute bleeding. The origin of the bleeding, according to state health officials, is synthetic cannabinoids.

Branded with titles such as “K2” and “Spice,” synthetic cannabinoids are lab-made analogs into the cannabinoids marijuana plants naturally produce, such as THC.

Nevertheless the analogs are far from perfect copies. Plus they have the attribute of being a few times more potent than their natural counterparts. “They are not safe and may affect the brain much more powerfully than marijuana,” stated an IDPH spokesperson.

That improved potency can wreak havoc on the body. Plus it will not help that synthetic cannabinoids are generally manufactured in unfamiliar and unknown states and comprise who-knows-what types of compounds.

In actuality, manufactures of “Spice” and “K2” frequently switch their recipes up so as to maintain their goods legal. As a result, it’s common to come across synthetic cannabinoids available in convenience stores, bodegas, gasoline stations and other benign places.

The accessibility of “Spice” contributes to the understanding that synthetic cannabinoids are lawful. Subsequently, that generates the impression that they are a safer alternative for marijuana.

However, the specific opposite is true. The impacts of synthetic cannabinoids are unpredictable and may be life threatening.  “The recent cases of severe bleeding are evidence of the harm synthetic cannabinoids can cause,” stated Illinois Department of Public Health Director Nirav D. Shah.

Artificial Cannabinoids Linked To Death Of 14 Year Old

While the ramifications of synthetic cannabinoids can be particularly dangerous and debilitating, they may also be deadly.

Outbreaks of “Spice”-associated hospitalizations are not exclusive to Illinois or even the United States. The UK can be coping with its rash of events, including the recent passing of a high schooler at Manchester.

Luke Pennington, 14, experimented with a kind of synthetic cannabinoids in a friend’s sleepover. Luke and his buddies immediately fell sick and called paramedics.

Paramedics arrived and hurried the boys into the hospital. Doctors hurried Luke into an intensive care unit, however, he died at 1:55 am on March 18.

So far, the young guy’s cause of death remains unknown. Officials are anticipating histology and toxicology reports.

In reaction to their own instances of acute bleeding, also in a bid to prevent deaths such as the one in Manchester this month, Illinois is taking actions against synthetic cannabinoids. As well as their very first step would be to target the areas in which the medication is available.

Chicago Law Enforcement Cracking Down “Spice” Shops

Illinois is taking actions against synthetic cannabinoids. And on Thursday,” Chicago police started sweeping areas suspected of promoting “Spice.”

“People have reported purchasing it from various convenience stores, dealers or acquiring it from friends,” stated Jennifer Layden, the chief medical officer with an IDPH. In accordance with Layden, the Majority of the buys stem from the Chicago area.

Chicago authorities have shut down one shop in Lawndale suspected of selling “Spice.” So much, however, officials haven’t connected this shop to the current outbreak of acute bleeding.

Illinois Is Taking Action Against Synthetic Cannabinoids

In addition to shutting down shops which sell synthetic cannabinoids, Illinois officials are attempting to recognize a frequent product which accounts for the instances of severe bleeding.

Officials with the IDPH understand that artificial weed is causing the issue. However, they don’t understand just what substances in the medication are causing the acute reactions. They suspect, nevertheless, that this batch of “Spice” comprises an anticoagulant or another blood thinner.