Market Date:27 February, 2021

Grasping at straws? CDC warns that trimming cannabis may cause carpal tunnel syndrome

In what seems like an instance of prohibitionists grasping at straws, the CDC is warning cannabis cultivators that trimming marijuana could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, writes Calvin Hughes.

In 2015, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health–a subsidiary of the Center for Disease Control (CDC)–set out to assess the working conditions of cannabis farmers. )

Though the analysis found a wealth of THC and potential pollutants at a cannabis farming surroundings, the major takeaway appears to be farmers susceptibility to carpal tunnel syndrome.

The analysis says “highly repetitive work” of trimming marijuana buds sets cannabis farmers in danger of developing muscular skeletal problems, predominantly lymph nodes.

Carpal tunnel happens most often in people working manual tasks that need excess use of the hands. This overuse causes inflammation in the tendons and muscles that surround the lateral nerve which runs between the forearm and hand.

The CDC indicates the regular trimming cannabis buds performed by marijuana farms might be just this type of project.

But, the report mentioned that none of those employees evaluated in the analysis had carpal tunnel at the time of examination. Hence that the association between cannabis trimming and lymph relies more on speculation than real case studies.

The report also neglected to mention that consuming marijuana can decrease inflammation.