Market Date: 6 August, 2020

Denmark brings major Canadian cannabis investments

two months ago, the Danish Pharma specialist NNE sowed a seed – a group providing strategic business consulting growing, generating and distributing medical cannabis.

Currently NNE reaps the harvest; The group includes 25 projects in the basket and is now counsellors for Canadian Atlas’ important cannabis investment in Denmark. The NNE CEO refers to the group as a ‘disruption from within’.

While greenhouses with berries and mushrooms are changing into growth centers for cannabis from the countryside, disturbance is happening at the Copenhagen Metropolitan Area, in which Pharma specialist NNE is situated.

The linking thread is medical cannabis – that the Pharma business’s engine of growth.

Powerful knowledge-sharing from Canada to Europe and back

A year before, a tiny set of NNE employees assembled to determine new business opportunities. Only 3 months after, NNE made a tactical selection and established that an agile cannabis staff which advises companies in the development and investment phase before their decision to construct a centre for growing, producing and distributing cannabis.

Based on Jesper Kløve, CEO of NNE, it was a ‘disruption from within’:”Our cannabis team functions using a new strategy in connection with our classical modus operandi. With this new group, NNE supplies consulting from cradle to grave.

“We identify that the customer’s commercial basis and take part in investor meetings as consultants. In case a business then decides to put money into a cannabis project, we could help establish the company.”

The NNE cannabis team currently has expertise from over 25 medical cannabis projects – and NNE is quite effective in regards to sharing information from Canada to Europe and back .

Company Director Christian Carlsen explained: “Instead of focusing on NNE’s highly specialised engineering services and our 70 years of pharma know-how, we offer advice on companies’ commercial onset. We provide feasibility studies, forecasts and advice on locations.”

A recent case in point is that the investment from Atlas from the area of Funen, Denmark, in which NNE has proposed from the very first phases of this project, such as Atlas’ selection of geo-location. Today NNE proceeds its consulting, and the investment is forecast to lead to hundreds of new jobs.

Appealing structural competitive benefits

When global businesses choose Denmark as their suggestion of the spear for investments at the European marketplace, it’s no coincidence. In accordance with Invest in Denmark in Toronto, the regulatory framework and a strong Pharma sector are crucial things.

Michael Prytz, Investment Manager in Invest in Denmark, a portion of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained:”Denmark has many structural competitive benefits. A one of a kind and clear legislative acts for medical cannabis, very low energy costs, capable workforce and a fantastic know-how in Pharma.

“The Danish business eco-system is made of qualified partners that overseas investor can seamlessly collaborate together – for example companies with extensive experience in creating facilities for generating cannabis and receiving the essential official approvals, with individual safety as the supreme aim.”

The market potential in Europe is massive. Atlas climbed up in the Canadian marketplace with roughly 35 million taxpayers. From the European Union, the sector is just over DKK 510 m (~$ 68. 28 m), markedly bigger than the US marketplace.

High lawful and individual safety condition

The marketplace for medical cannabis is dependent upon both tiny businesses with a investment highest of DKK 250, 000, along with large companies from e.g. Canada with investments of approximately DKK 250 m in Europe, Asia and Denmark. NNE’s cannabis team provides advice for the two types.

Carlsen stated that NNE’s expertise with international and national regulatory framework for medical cannabis and GMP is critical to its business partners:”We’ve established connections with Canadian firms primarily through their requirement for a credible adviser in meetings with investors and investors. We can confirm the company model and when it comes to technology, technology and compliance – we’re specialists that reinforce the potential and indicate changes.

“The players in this marketplace foresee that firms living up to the large but apparent regulatory demands in Denmark also live up to 85 -90 percentage of the feasible European demands. Therefore, Danish NNE is an attractive companion for businesses with European growth plans. We’re trusted advisors to a number of the significant players. Our clients use us in Denmark and internationally.”

Asia can also be intriguing. NNE, that has a division in India, is currently embarking on a cannabis project from the longer than one billion-person sector.

On this foundation, Christian Carlsen works tirelessly to harvesting more significance with NNE’s ‘disruption from within’ – the profitable cannabis team.

The last year, the European cannabis business has grown over the past six years combined. Over 500 million Euros have been spent in the business.

The European Cannabis Report anticipates that the European marketplace for medical cannabis will grow to attain a value of 123 billion Euros in 2028. This implies it’s going to become the World’s biggest market over the next five decades.