Market Date: 4 June, 2020

Cannabis -infused coffee pods for Keurig machines currently available

A provider is currently offering tea and coffee infused with cannabis.

Cannabiniers is supplying Brewbudz, a flower-based edible in comfy, single-brew pods which are compatible with K-Cup and K-Cup 2.0 design brewers, as stated by the firm ‘s site.

The organization has a patent on the technology from the USA, according to a news release.  The patented extraction procedure permits the user to gain from the profile of this cannabis flower, at a “healthy and unobtrusive ” way.

“What we are aspiring to create is the normalization of cannabis consumption in a way that integrates with consumers’ already established habits and lifestyles,” stated Timothy Walters, President of Cannabiniers, at the news release. “Brewbudz is the method of providing customers with a natural, secure and chemical-free method to absorb cannabis’ natural chemicals, along with an everyday behaviour – coffee/tea drinking, which can be both socially acceptable and discreet. “

Brewbudz may also offer you many different dosages to suit every lifestyle. When the pod is brewed, it is going to be almost absent from cannabis odor and flavor, according to the release.

This item is currently accessible dispensaries around Nevada, with accessibility in Colorado and California to trace shortly.