Market Date: 4 June, 2020

Canberra' s legalization of cannabis clashes with Federal Australian Laws

Australian Attorney General Christian Porter stated on Sunday that Canberra’s new laws legalizing possession of small quantities of cannabis for personal use don’t offer legal protection and battle with Federal legislation.

In September, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) became the first of the nation’s six states and two chief lands to legalize the possession of around 50 g per individual of cannabis for personal use, together with the legislation set to come to effect from Jan. 31, 2020.


Federal law prohibits such usage, nevertheless, and Porter, that has been reviewing the ACT legislation and on Sunday delivered a letter to the ACT attorney-general, indicated this won’t change.

“They’re terrible laws for a variety of reasons,” Porter advised the ABC tv Insider political series.

“The ACT laws removed the criminal component at a territory level but didn’t establish anything that is a positive right to possess, which means that there’s no defense to the Commonwealth law that criminalizes amounts under 50 grams.”

The use of cannabis for recreational purposes stays illegal in most states, but there’s been a growing global debate about decriminalizing the possession of small quantities for adults. Canada and many states in america have moved lately to substantiate such possessions.

When asked if the Australian Federal authorities should intervene to reevaluate the ACT laws,” Porter stated it wouldn’t be necessary.

“If they leave their law as it is, why would there be any need to override a law which is effectively to no effect?” he explained.

“My advice and the advice that I’ve provided to the ACT attorney general is that it is still against the law of the Commonwealth to possess cannabis in the ACT.”

Before this month, the government said it would provide funding for research on medicinal marijuana, reacting to a growing need.

While lawful in the majority of Australia, herbal cannabis products are enabled simply to patients around the prescription of a physician, and a permit is needed to grow and create medicinal cannabis.