Market Date:27 May, 2020

Netherlands: Regulated marijuana production evaluation will incorporate health warnings

The Dutch government’s experimentation with controlled marijuana is not likely to begin before the conclusion of 2019 in the earliest and will operate for five decades and 2 weeks, the Volkskrant reported Tuesday.

Additionally, the trials goes together with a promotion campaign warning people about the dangers related to smoking marijuana and coffee shops which sell the ‘legal’ medication is going to need to actively inform their customers about potential health issues, the newspaper said.

The Volkskrant bases its claims on a draft of this legislation legalising regulated cultivation that has been shipped out to consultation to different organisations, for example, police, public prosecution department and local authority institution.

Though the experiment was contained at the government’s coalition agreement, the legislation which makes it possible still needs to be accepted by the upper and lower houses of parliament. Councils Once accepted, the preparations will begin.

Dozens of local governments have come forward to get involved in the trials, but the draft legislation makes it clear to 10 will be chosen. Growers will be requested to go through a public tender procedure for the contracts and will need to meet strict requirements.

As an instance, they might need to satisfy centrally-agreed rules on packing (that will incorporate a health warning much like tobacco) and has to ensure that the medication won’t wind up in the prohibited marijuana circuit.

A special commission will advise the authorities on the purchase price. The intention of the experiment would be to attempt and eliminate the gray area between the selling of small quantities of cannabis at licenced coffee stores and marijuana cultivation that are prohibited.