Market Date:27 February, 2021

Idaho cannabis recommends aim for 2020 ballot initiative

Since the page turns to 2019, Monday marks only 1 week before the onset of this 2019 legislative session.

Already on New Year’s Day, Idahoans have staged the very first political rally of the year.

Every New Year’s Day, cannabis advocacy groups Legalize Idaho and Idaho Moms to get Marijuana kick off the year with a demonstration centered on legalizing marijuana.

Serra Frank drove from Oregon for part of the protest. She states she lives in exile coping with a medical condition since her home state of Idaho has not legalized marijuana.

“I drove an hour and a half to be here to protest since I wish to come home,” Frank stated.

To send their message, Frank along with other legalization advocates gathered things which are lawful in Idaho they state are far more harmful than marijuana — Things such as alcohol, tobacco, and donuts.

“Marijuana is more powerful than what you see ,” Frank stated. “These are legal in Idaho, but marijuana isn’t.”

Protesters also formally announced they will be looking for a fresh marijuana legalization ballot initiative targeted for 2020.

“In February we’ll be having a lobby day for legalize Idaho, we’ve got a great deal in the works for the subsequent two years since the request comes out to actually make our voices heard,” Frank stated.

Idaho is bordered by six states and Canada. Of these areas, most have some type of marijuana. Bearing that in mind, Frank states that they feel momentum in within their favor.

“The remainder of the nation is passing us by and we’re totally surrounded by our small island of prohibition,” Frank stated. 

Obviously, however, there are two quite different sides of the dilemma

Last autumn, Maintain Idaho, a branch of Drug Free Idaho, established a new education campaign regarding the risks of legalizing marijuana.

Rob Stevenson, executive director of Drug Free Idaho, stated that as more countries legalize marijuana, Maintain Idaho would like to just get out the facts.

“Were an island of sanity in a sea of insanity,” Stevenson said. “We’ve got a story right today, there’s zero terrible things that occur when you’ve got more marijuana, and we simply don’t think that is the situation. This is exactly what we do as a prevention business.”

Maintain Idaho’s campaign features billboards, TV ads, and a site with information on marijuana study.

“The aim is to show people another side of this weapon,” Stevenson said. “Exactly what the story is, is the fact that it brings in all sorts of taxation and there’s absolutely no issues with it which is simply not true. We wish to educate our fellow Idahoans about what else will come with this.”

Legalization supporters state despite they expect to get a dialog about the truth 2019 but are convinced that the people of Idaho will encourage them towards legalization. 

“The people of Idaho desire it, the politicians may not, we do not care what they say,” Frank stated. “We’re the folks, this really is our Capitol building, we’re likely to make this occur.”